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Part of the greater Al Bustan area, Al Butain is a mixed-use neighbourhood adjacent to the Ajman Free Zone. Boasting low to high-rise buildings, the area is abundant in terms of apartments, offices, shops and retail options.

The community is close to the coastal side of Ajman while providing easy access to downtown areas of the city. It takes around 13 to 15 minutes to reach the neighbouring Sharjah city and around 25 minutes to reach the city of Umm Al Quwain.

Al Bustan is one of the most affordable areas in the city, thereby making it amongst the most popular residential areas too. In fact, according to the Bayut and Dubizzle Annual Market Report for 2020, Al Bustan is the 7th most popular community to buy apartments in Ajman.


  • Located within Al Bustan, Ajman
  • Made up of low to high rise buildings
  • Consists of apartments, offices and shops on a rental basis
  • Close to the coastal side of Ajman



Located on the western side of Ajman towards the coastal side, Al Butain is made up of buildings that include residential as well as commercial options. It boasts of affordable properties in terms of renting and is close to hospitals, schools, malls and many other retail options.

The proximity of Al Butain to Ajman Corniche stands out as one of its attractive features. It is a thriving community, providing easy commuting options that make it convenient in accessing the nearby areas.


Properties in Al Butain include:

  • Apartments
  • Offices 
  • Shops

Flats in Al Butain include studios to 2-bedroom apartments, starting from 500 sq. ft. and going up to 1,000 sq. ft. The buildings offer apartments with centralised air conditioning and feature built-in wardrobes, tiled flooring, kitchens with double sinks and cabinets. FEWA sources the utilities in the structures in the community.

Offices and shops in the community come in fully fitted configurations, whereby businesses can set up their operations and start right away. Shops are available in sizes measuring around 151 sq. ft. while offices cover built-up areas of 820 sq. ft.

For renting in Al Butain, you can take reference from the listed trends:

  • Apartments for rent in Al Butain cost from AED 13K for a studio apartment and go up to AED 40K for a 2-bedroom apartment. 1-bedroom apartments have annual rents starting from AED 15K going up to AED 30K.
  • A small shop measuring 151 sq. ft. has an average annual rent of AED 26K.
  • Offices with a built-up area of 820 sq. ft. can cost around AED 43K per year.


Most of the hotels are located in the nearby areas, with most of the 5-star ones in Ajman Corniche. These hotels make up some of Ajman’s best staycation hotels. The hotels near Al Butain include:

  • Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel – 5-star hotel
  • Fairmont Ajman – 5-star hotel
  • Ajman Beach Hotel – 5-star hotel
  • Ajman Saray – 5-star resort
Fairmont Ajman
Fairmont Ajman is a 5-star resort at a short drive

Many affordable hotels also lie in proximity. These are 1-star and 2-star hotels that offer amenities such as furnished suites, business centres, free Wi-Fi, room service and spa services too. Some of these include:

  • Luluat Al Khaleej Furnished Apartments – 15/2, Umm Salma Street, Nakheel 2
  • Emirates Plaza – 5, Omar Bin Al Khatab Street, Nakheel 2
  • Al Smou Hotel Apartments – 36, Abu Baker Al Sediq Street, Nakheel 1
  • Al Rayan Hotel – 10, Abu Baker Al Sediq Street, Nakheel 1
  • Safari Hotel Apartments – 10, Al Karama Street, Nakheel 1
  • Dream Palace – 12/1, 58 Street, Rumaila 1


Except for a few buildings, most of the buildings in the community do not have covered or underground parking, however, there are many parking lots where individuals tend to park their vehicles. Moreover, the streets are spacious enough to accommodate different vehicles.


The public transport system of Ajman facilitates its residents with the overall road network and infrastructure, buses, taxis, abra rides and even limousines. Those living in Al Butain can rely on buses and public taxis as the quickest and most accessible forms of transportation. For commuting via Abras, individuals will have to drive towards Al Rashidiya, which is located around at a 10-minute drive.

Route AJ5 services the bus stations that are located around the borders of Al Butain. These include Liwarah Bus Stop, Ajman Marina Bus Stop and Ajman Free Zone Bus. Another bus station near Al Butain is Al Musalla Station, which services nine routes including E400, E411, E601, 19, 112, 112A, 113 and 114.



Al Butain is dotted with a number of grocery stores, baqalas and supermarkets, from where individuals can purchase all their essentials. Some of these supermarkets in Al Butain include:

  • ADNOC Oasis – 21/2, Mohammed Salem Bu Khamis Street
  • Nesnas Supermarket – Liwara Building Block A
  • Noor Al Madeena – Prestige 11
  • Enma Al Madina – 48, 69 Street

A few of the larger hypermarkets in the nearby areas are:

  • LuLu Hypermarket – 76, Sheikh Rashid Bin Abdul Aziz Street
  • Metro Manila Hypermarket – Monalisa Building

You can reach both LuLu Hypermarket and Metro Manila Hypermarket within a drive of 10 minutes. LuLu Hypermarkets are amongst the best supermarkets in Ajman and the UAE, since they stock up on a wide range of products including food and non-food items. Some of its best-selling items also include electronics, home improvement products and traditional Emirati clothes.

LuLu Hypermarket
LuLu Hypermarket is 10 minutes away


Muslims can pray in the mosques in Al Butain, which include:

  • Mohammed Obaid Al Zaabi – 135, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Humaid Street
  • Saad Bin Abi Waqas – 6, 75 Street
  • Al Imam Al Shafei – 144a, Saif Al Hamrani Street
  • Anjuman-e-Najmi Ajman Hakimi Masjid – 12, 45 Street


Since Guru Nanak Gurudwara is almost an hour away from Al Butain, the Sikh community can visit the gurudwara near temples in Bur Dubai, which can be reached in 38 minutes by car. The Hindu temples include three temples, which have been erected in lieu of the Hindu ex-pats in Bur Dubai.

Christians residing in the area are at the benefit of having many churches in Ajman at their disposal, which are reachable from a drive of 5 to 8 minutes. These churches near Al Butain include:

  • Grace Assembly Tamil Church – Al Rayan Hotel
  • First Bible Baptist Church – Al Rayan Hotel
  • Seventh – Day Adventist Church Ajman – Al Rayan Hotel
  • Winners Chapel International – Crown Palace Hotel and Suites Ajman
  • The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – Crown Palace Hotel and Suites Ajman

Grace Assembly Tamil Church, First Bible Baptist Church and Seventh – Day Adventist are held in Al Rayan Hotel at a 5-minute drive. Grace Assembly Tamil Church is a Pentecostal church headed by Revered Paul and affiliated with the Church of God in the USA.

First Bible Baptist Church is amongst the Baptist churches in the city and is led by Pastor Lito Catubag. Seventh – Day Adventist Church Ahman took inception as an informal fellowship but gradually formalised after its attendants increased.

Winners Chapel International and The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG take place in Crown Palace Hotel and Suites Ajman, which is 8 minutes away. Dr. David Oyedepo heads Winners Chapel International and its chapel is amongst the branches of Living Faith Church Worldwide. The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is also known as the RCCG Solid Rock Parish Ajman and is headed by the Nigerian Pastor Adebayo Adegoke.


The community is home to the Al Shaikh Abdul Karim Al Bakri Primary School, which is a standard primary school. Some of the other schools in proximity are:

  • The National Charity School – 3/2, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Humaid Street
  • British International School – 2/9, Bader Street, Nuaimiya 3
  • Bloomington Academy – 1, 19 Street, Al Bustan 2

Established in 1983 by Jumma Al-Majid, National Charity School has branches in Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai. It was first established in Dubai for low-income families in the UAE and follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education (MOE) with classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

British International School and Bloomington Academy are amongst the best British schools in Ajman and offer classes from The Early Years Foundation Stage to A-Level. At British International School, you will also find a football ground along with other sports courts, a greenhouse, a bookstore, a butterfly garden and a rock garden.

Bloomington Academy
Bloomington Academy is around 8 minutes away

While the neighbouring communities have many institutes too, those interested can also opt for top-tier schools in Ajman located in central and eastern Ajman at a 17-minute drive. Some of these are:

  • Ajman Modern School – 10, 91 Street, Al Jurf 2
  • The International School of Choueifat – Ajman – 26c, 98 Street, Tallah 2

Ajman Modern School is a co-ed school following the New York State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. It offers classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12 based on the American curriculum. The International School of Choueifat – Ajman offers classes from KG1 to Grade 11 based on the SABIS Education System.


For medical treatment and emergencies, residents can find hospitals and clinics near Al Butain such as:

  • Rashid Medical Centre – 172, Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi Street, Nakheel 1
  • Al Shrooq Polyclinic – Al Ahalia Exchange Building, Karama Plaza
  • Al Amal Clinic – 8, 15 Street
  • Ibn Sina Medical Centre – 11/1, Al Quds Street, Rashideya 3
  • Amina Hospital – 10/1, Al Quds Street, Rashideya 3

Rashid Medical Centre, Al Shrooq Polyclinic and Al Amal Clinic are located at a 4-minute drive. Al Shrooq Polyclinic or Al Shourouk Polyclinic offers services in Orthodontics, Internal Medicine and General Surgery along with a general practitioner for treating chronic as well as acute life treating diseases. Ibn Sina Medical Centre and Amina Hospital are reachable within an 8-minute drive and rank among Ajman’s best hospitals.

Amina Hospital
Amina Hospital is 8 minutes away


The areas surrounding Al Butain are similar communities, made up of apartment buildings, offices and retail outlets. The immediate and closest neighbours include:

  • Al Bustan
  • Ajman Free Zone
  • Al Nakhil 2
  • Al Owan
  • Ajman Corniche
  • Ajman Marina

The nearby area is of the larger Al Bustan. To the north and east is the Ajman Free Zone while Al Nakhil 2 is towards the west and south. Ajman Corniche and Ajman Marina located on the west of within a 5-minute drive.





Some of the best malls near Al Butain can be reached within a drive of 11 to 17 minutes. These include:

  • Safeer Mall
  • City Centre Ajman
  • Galleria Mall
  • Ajman China Mall

Safeer Mall is located at a 10-minute drive in Al Nuaimiya. It is a family-friendly mall featuring a food court and Fun City; an entertainment centre that consists of many thrilling as well as educational rides.

City Centre Ajman is only 11 minutes away from the area in Al Jurf and consists of the largest entertainment avenues, hypermarkets and stores in the emirate of Ajman. Covering a retail space of 34,000 sq. m., the mall is also one of the top indoor attractions in Ajman.

Galleria Mall is situated in the New Industrial Area at an 11-minute drive. Amongst the newer malls in the city, it houses a food court, a hypermarket and Coco Land, a play area for kids.

Ajman China Mall is 17 minutes away in Ajman Free Zone. With more than 1,100 shops in the mall selling Chinese merchandise, Ajman China Mall has a per-day footfall of 20,000. It has been built as a collaborative effort between China and the UAE.

China Mall Ajman
China Mall Ajman is 17 minutes away


For everyday dining, there are plenty of restaurants in Al Butain including:

  • Fathima Restaurant – 48/1, 69 Street
  • Al Jadeed – White Building
  • Al Hadaf Cafeteria – Mohammed Salem Bu Khamis Street
  • Al Maraya Cafeteria – Opposite Ajman Free Zone Post Office
  • Surf Berry Juices – Mohammed Salem Bin Khamis Street

Fathima Restaurant and Al Jadeed Restaurant are Indian eateries that cover all sorts of Indian dishes, including the southern and northern regions of the country. Al Hadaf Cafeteria and Al Maraya Cafeteria deal in fast food and different kinds of juices. Surf Berry Juices, as the name suggests is the place to visit fresh juices as well as smoothies.

For fine dining and nightlife, there are a few viable options in the Ajman corniche area. They include:

  • Dragon’s Place – Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel, Ajman Corniche
  • Bukhara – Ajman Hotel, Ajman Corniche
  • Vista – Ajman Saray, Ajman Corniche
  • Vinesse – The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah

Dragon’s Place is an Asian restaurant that comes with a sushi bar, a private Teppanyaki dining table and two private washisu rooms. Here, you can enjoy Thai as well as Japanese cuisines and even order Japanese sushi infused with Middle Eastern flavours, which make it one of the best restaurants in Ajman Corniche.

Bukhara is a North Indian restaurant that replicates the atmosphere and dishes of New Delhi in India, hence ranking as one of Ajman’s best Indian restaurants. Vista All Day Dining Restaurant serves a blend of Mediterranean food along with seafood and barbecue items.

Vinesse is located at a 21-minute drive in the Al Zorah community and features show kitchens where Oberoi chefs prepare different kinds of contemporary and continental dishes.

Ajman Saray
Vista is located in Ajman Saray at a 5-minute drive


Only five minutes away are the beaches on Ajman Corniche, which are amongst the most beautiful beaches in the whole of the UAE and make up for some of Ajman’s best activitiesZorah Beach is 21 minutes away and is a renowned area for water sports and camping enthusiasts. It is home to the Watersports Centre where you can enjoy jet-skiing, kayaking, banana boat rides and wakeboarding too as well as Caravana Campsite, a popular camping spot in Ajman.

Sharjah Open Beach is 13 minutes away from the sub-community in the neighbouring city of Sharjah. It is amongst the best beaches in Sharjah and stretches 200,000 sq. m. with a 6.5-kilometre of a waterfront promenade too.

Ajman Corniche beaches
You can drive around 5 minutes and reach the beaches on Ajman Corniche


Some of the notable landmarks near Al Butain include:

  • Ajman Museum
  • Aqua Bounce Waterpark Fairmont Ajman
  • Funtastico Splash

Ajman Museum is within walking distance from the community. Also known as Ajman Fort Museum, the fortress was built in the 18th century from gypsum and coral stone and was a mainstay for the ruling family of Ajman. It was a police station from 1970 to 1978 and turned into a museum in 1981.

Aqua Bounce Waterpark is four minutes away and is located in Fairmont Ajman. It is the first floating water park in Ajman. Funtastico Splash is another waterpark in the city at a 19-minute drive in Al Zorah. You can enjoy other activities here as the trampoline, bouncy castles, rental bikes, and cruises to the Al Zorah Marina as well.

Ajman Museum
Ajman Museum is within walking distance


Al Butain itself is not home to parks or gyms, which is why fitness enthusiasts can instead head over the nearby communities. A few of the gyms near Al Butain are:

  • 1 Step Beauty & Fitness Studio – Al Zahra Block B
  • Health Square – Dewan Tower B
  • Al Reem – Al Bustan Building
  • Al Mass Body Fitness – 38, Abu Baker Al Sediq Street

At Health Square, you can choose from different programmes including Zumba, CrossFit, group training, kickboxing, swimming and weight loss too. It is amongst the best gyms in Ajman.

As far as parks and green spaces are concerned, the closest option is Rashidiya Park, which is 9 minutes away in the Al Rashidiya area is a family park that used to be for ladies only before. It has a cafeteria, a mosque, slides, swings and a sandy play zone in addition to green spaces. The park is amongst the best parks in Ajman.

The community is home to a number of gents salons, such as:

  • Al Buhaira Hair Cutting Salon – 31, Mohammed Salem Bu Khamis Street
  • Al Yuser Hair Cutting – Al Zahra Building
  • Zia Haircutting – Al Matrooshi Building
  • Hamood Hair Cutting – 131, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Humaid Street
  • Silver Haircutting – Al Bustan 1


For enjoying events every now and then, residents of the community can head over to the nearby hotels and malls on special occasions, such as on public holidays.


Al Butain is a suitable district for individuals looking for affordable residential options; however, there are no villas in the area. Those preferring larger residential choices like villas can opt for other residential areas in Ajman, such as the nearby larger part of Al Bustan.

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