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Overview of Palm Jumeirah Villas
Palm Jumeirah is an unbelievable project of Nakheel which has astonished the world due to its large scale master planned construction. Known as eighth wonder of the world, the project features one of the most expensive villas for elite or upper class people living in Dubai. The project is a versatile freehold project which is a tremendous addition to Dubai real estate sector. This stunning project consists of a trunk crowned with 16 fronds and protected by a crescent giving it the shape of a palm tree.

Palm Jumeirah is known for offering ideal and ultra-luxurious residences for large upper class families so you would probably not find any studio apartments there. Though Shoreline Apartments at Palm Jumeirah also offers a healthy and modern lifestyle yet they can never beat the prestige and grandeur of living in Palm Jumeirah villas. You would find three types of villas on the grand development of Palm Jumeirah.

Signature Villas – Located at the fronds of Palm, Signature Villas make the largest and most expensive villas in the project. These villas normally have 5-7 bedrooms and their prices vary with the area, amenities or facilities studded in them. Since these villas make the homes of wealthiest people, they are mostly owned by local and international celebrities. Finest communal facilities, comfort of private beaches, exquisite finishes, sea on the back, fresh gardens and lavishing swimming pools are the things that define Signature Villas in real.

Canal Cove Villas – These are beachfront townhouses (large villas) located on crown of the Palm. Canal Cove is basically a community featuring luxurious self contained villas having up to 4 bedrooms. Though they are less expensive as compared to Signature Villas yet they also make a popular living spot for upper class families living in Dubai. Separate swimming pools, high ceilings, remote controlled garages, spacious rooms, unique architecture, independent balconies, peaceful and healthy living style are Canal Cove villas’ trademark.

Garden Homes – Located at the fronds, Garden Homes fall under the category of medium-large villas having 3-4 bedrooms. The number of the bedrooms in some Garden Homes also goes up to 6 which make them equal to size of Signature Villas but less pricy. Rent and buying price of Garden Homes vary from front to frond. The farther away is the frond, the costlier is the villa. Spacious rooms, unique interiors, stunning views, landscaped gardens, independent parking areas and pools is what define these villas in real.

For those who can’t afford to buy a villa in Palm Jumeirah but still want to experience its high quality and luxurious lifestyle have the option to live on rents in these villas. For tourist families, the project also features serviced Palm Jumeirah villas which are all furnished up to the highest standards of life and provide one of the finest services available in Dubai. All the villas in Palm Jumeirah are spacious having separate rooms for study, dining and servants. They also have separate terraces, gardens, beaches, garages and pools that allow residents to live in peace with complete privacy.

Palm Jumeirah is located at an ideal location which makes the prominent area of Dubai. Facilities like bars, restaurants, cafés, parks, gyms, cinemas, schools, hotels and shopping malls are available in close proximity and it takes a few minutes to access them. For those who don’t have personal conveyance, Dubai Metro station lies close to the community making it easy for them to access other parts of Dubai.

In short, Palm Jumeirah villas are a perfect solution to convert the dream of ideal lifestyle in reality. If you are interested in Palm Jumeirah Villas, you can browse the extensive Palm Jumeirah property directory available at Bayut.