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Overview of Palm Jumeirah Villas for Rent
Palm Jumeirah, known as the 8th wonder of the world, offers some of the finest villas available for rent in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah being a hot tourist destination is made up of a trunk, a crescent and several fronds which give it look of a giant palm tree. Though Dubai properties sector offers one of the most lavishing villa projects but nobody can match their lifestyle which offers the grandeur and prestige of living in Palm Jumeirah villas for rent.

Palm Jumeirah is home to high-end, ultra-luxurious villas available in multiple sizes and types which are popular among the expatriates and tourists from around the globe in Dubai. Since living in Palm Jumeirah villas for rent is expensive, only some can afford such high end lifestyle. Palm Jumeirah features three types of villas for rent in Dubai.

1. Signature Villas (larger villas up to seven bedrooms)
2. Garden Homes (smaller villas up to 3-4 bedrooms)
3. Canal Cove Villas

For all those tourists or expatriates working in Dubai, renting a villa in Palm Jumeirah makes perfect sense to enjoy a lush and lavishing living style in Dubai. See how Palm Jumeirah villas for rent in Dubai provide ultimate luxury to both tenants and tourists alike.

Ideal for all stays!

Palm Jumeirah features fully furnished villas for long stay for those tenants who don’t have enough money to buy a villa in the community. On the other hand, Palm Jumeirah also features self catering villas for short stays for tourist families spending their vacations in Dubai. Villas on Palm Jumeirah are available in different sizes with multiple bedrooms exclusively for the residents. Though 3-4 bedroom villas are mostly rented by medium size families in the Palm but up to seven bedroom villas are also available for large size families.

Spacious Housing!

Villas in Palm Jumeirah are bigger than apartments and give a perfect home-like feeling to its residents. The spacious bedrooms, along with separate rooms dedicated to study, servants and storing items makes villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah the ideal homes to cater to the space needs of a family. Villas in Palm Jumeirah also provide sunny balconies, gardens, pools, terrace and garages that further add to their spaciousness.

Complete Privacy!

Tenants living in apartment complexes have to use certain joint facilities like joint swimming pools, gardens and parking areas. On the other hand, villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah offer separate swimming pools, backyards and gardens which provide a complete private life style to every family. These separate facilities lead the families to live in a tranquil and peaceful environment. Along with privacy, the beauty of the awe-inspiring interiors, unique architecture and splendid water views cannot be described in words.

Easily Accessible

Since Palm Jumeirah is ideally located in the centre of Dubai, its dwellers enjoy one of the finest restaurants, bars, cinemas, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and retail outlets at a walking distance. Dubai Mall, known as the largest mall in Dubai is at a 15 minutes drive from the Jumeirah rental villa communities. A metro station close to the rental residences allow tourist to access various tourist attractions and explore the business heart of Dubai with much flexibility without having their own personal conveyance.

If you are looking forward to live in Palm Jumeirah villas on rent, kindly browse the ‘Rent’ section at Bayut to see a wide variety of villas available for rent in Palm Jumeirah.