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Last updated date:Sat, 23 Mar 2019 12:14:27 GMT47000 to 50000 AED yearly
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Al Dhafrah, Abu Dhabi - SPACIOUS 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT IN AIRPORT ROAD NEAR IMMIGRATION
    Al Dhafrah, Abu Dhabi
    1900 sqft


    International NMS Property Management
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Al Dhafrah, Abu Dhabi - Very Affiradabke! 1BHK for rent in Al Dhafrah
    Al Dhafrah, Abu Dhabi
    12750 sqft

    Very Affordable! 1BHK for rent in Al Dhafrah

    Sky Max Property Management

Renting an Apartment in Al Dhafrah

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The Dubai real estate market offers a variety of suitable options but only a few of them promote a green lifestyle. Appropriately titled, The Greens is one such community. The properties in The Greens are a collection of unique residential units which are completely based on a green theme with miles of exotic plantation and breathtaking scenery. The Greens community has around 10 different sub-communities that are made by grouping 4 apartment buildings together in each. Al Dhafrah is one of those communities which has apartments for both rent and sale.

Types of Apartments in Al Dhafrah

There are about more than 450 residential units available for rent in Al Dhafrah. The units are further segregated into studios and 1 and 2-bedroom apartments among which some are fully furnished, like the ones offered by Nesterz Real Estate. The studios in Al Dhafrah are available in plot sizes with that range between 438 sq. ft. and 450 sq. ft., making them about 1% larger than the average property of the same type in The Greens. If your preference is for a single bed-type then the average area you’ll find will be between the range of 740 sq. ft. and 990 sq. ft. For the high-end 2-bedroom apartments in Al Dhafrah,  the average allotted range begins with 1,200 sq. ft. and goes up to 2,000 sq. ft. for some units.

Rent Price Trend for Apartments in Al Dhafrah

The price range for a 1-bedroom apartment in Al Dhafrah starts with a convenient figure of AED 65,000 each year while it can reach up to AED 95,000/year. The rent evolution for this property type had been consistent from September 2017 till April 2018 after which it declined by 12.08%, reducing the average AED/year to AED 70,000. However, the decline isn’t that severe for 2-bedroom apartments as their rent evolution fell by 4.26%, decreasing the average AED/year to AED 115,000. Subsequently, the rent range for a studio apartment in this community is between AED 50,000/year and AED 55,000/year.

Highlights of Al Dhafrah

The properties in Al Dhafrah are an affordable luxury because they fulfil all your basic requirements. Everything can be found in this community. Whether it’s an international level school, a quality health centre or even a dynamic restaurant, it’s all there in Al Dhafrah. Medical institutes such as La Familia Medical Centre, Philips Healthcare Middle East & Turkey, Saudi German Hospital Dubai and Al Zahra Hospital Dubai are located close to Al Dhafrah to take care of your medical needs. Additionally, if you want to relax, then you can visit Bluewaters Island and The Lakes. One can also visit the beautiful organic garden by ECM which has over 30 different varieties of flowers and fruits.

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