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Overview of Offices in Dubai
Dubai is an international business city and the financial hub of Middle East. Numerous factors such as economic stability, exquisite locations coupled with investment diversity, government support and tax benefits have made Dubai one of the most appealing business centres of the world. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are shifting their businesses to Dubai and looking to set up their offices in Dubai. Ever since Dubai real estate boomed, developers have been announcing commercial developments with different kinds of offices to cater the varying needs of different businesses. The race of having a bigger and better office in Dubai has made commercial real estate market a highly competitive sector in UAE real estate.

Dubai is an international trade and financial services hub of the region and having an office in Dubai can boost your business name and increase your company’s worth to quite an extent. This is the reason why major international companies prefer buying or getting offices on rent in Dubai to conduct their business operations. There are many commercial developments in Dubai that comprise of different types of offices. However, setting up an office in Dubai in any of these high end developments can be a very costly business. This is where Bayut comes in to help you. We offer you a wide variety of long and short-term office space solutions in Dubai. Leave your query with us and our experts will find you the best match for office space in Dubai considering all of your specifications. Efficiency and commitment is what makes us different from the rest.

Location plays a paramount role when it comes to buying or renting office in Dubai. In reality, selecting the right office at the right location plays an important role in the success of any business. Therefore, location ranks high amongst several crucial decisions while starting business in Dubai. However, finding appropriate Dubai offices at reasonable rates and good location is not an easy task, especially for those who are new in Dubai and have little or no knowledge of Dubai property market. Bayut, Dubai’s premium real estate company, offers you a lifetime chance to make the crucial decision about selecting the right office in Dubai without making much of a hassle.

Numerous commercial developments in Dubai offer quite expensive office spaces in Dubai. These commercial property options are considered the prime real estate options by the owners and investors so these properties change hands at very high costs but it is not necessary for you to consider such properties alone. To offer you an alternate, Bayut team is at your service. The experienced staff members at Bayut evaluate your requirements and find the best office deals according to your budget and other specifications. Our experts help you in making a hassle free decision with their advices. We offer offices in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Business Bay, Dubai International Financial Centre and Downtown Dubai and at other prime locations. With our huge database, it would be possible for all of our clients to establish an office in Dubai without any hassle.

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Why Should You Get an Office in Dubai?
Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest and most rapidly growing financial and industrial hubs in the world. Due to the fact that Dubai has amazing economic and political stability, the government has aimed to make Dubai properties sector the hub commercial and residential activity in the region. This is why government grants and tax advantages are offered to individuals and firms who set up their business offices in Dubai.

More business coming into the area means that more and more offices would be needed. The race for the biggest and most amazing offices has begun and this obsession and need have turned the Dubai Commercial Property Market into a war zone. Indeed, locating the best offices in Dubai, especially good furnished offices according to your needs has become a very monumental task in Dubai. Following are some of the reasons why you should consider getting an office in Dubai.

Variety of Options

Dubai Offices range from the smallest size to the largest. Large buildings are for big companies, which offer both furnished and non-furnished facilities. These buildings have everything from separate offices for people with higher posts to cubicles and open plan spaces for a lot of people working in one giant hall. They have large conference halls, lunch rooms and even common rooms for employees to relax in. Other smaller offices are also available for smaller firms setting up with just a few rooms and possibly a meeting room.

Dubai Internet City, which is an information technology park in Dubai, is the biggest of its kind in the world. It caters to approximately 850 companies at the moment and many more are willing to join. All the firms that are in affiliation with some project need offices or buildings to pursue their work effectively. Bigger firms prefer to have their own big offices to cater efficiently to the demands of huge the number of staff members. Comparatively other smaller firms tend to have either smaller buildings for their business or small office in Dubai. There are dozens of other office communities in Dubai which cater to the varying needs of companies.

Offices are located all over Dubai. Either small single office is available or contractors build huge buildings and then just separate office space in between them to the buyers. For example, a contractor might make a skyscraper with 150 different offices in it and sell it off to 150 different small firms.

Choice of Renting or Buying

You can either buy or get an office on rent in Dubai. For firms who intend on locating to Dubai for only a specific period of time just to carry out their operations and then leave, rental offices are the finest choice to make. In some areas they are expected to pay up an advance of 6 months or a whole year. They can come into Dubai, rent their desired office and leave once their task is complete without leaving a property to their name just lying around for no reason. Apart from that, the firm which intends on staying for a while can also buy commercial offices in Dubai. Full ownership offices are more widely available and demanded in Dubai than rental offices.

Finding an Office

When one needs to find an office in Dubai, it can prove to be quite a hard task because of the huge size of the market and if one does not have proper research on the market then it will be very difficult for them to find the right office according to their desires and the one that is actually affordable as well. This is the reason that a lot of companies out there in Dubai offer their services to the potential property buyers to help them find their desired type of office in accordance with their budget. These firms have a large database with all the information about the market and the ones that are available and on sale. All one has to do is register with them and give them the desired details and they will find you what you need.

Office space in Dubai is massive, there are so many offices available to the public that it’s actually hard to find the one that you truly need and can actually afford. High quality offices are available and there are even office communities working in Dubai with all facilities and amenities available for people to work and live their lives at the same time. Overall, market for offices in Dubai is massive and firms are coming in everyday into Dubai and finding it easy to find office space.