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Elements Of An Investment Property

The Three Elements Of An Investment Property

7 min read

Our Bayut Academy Trainers, Caroline and Patricia walk you through the three main elements of an investment property: Income, Expenses and Financing.

Communication Preferences Bayut Academy

Understanding The Four Personality Types

5 min read

Take a sneak peek into our session 'Introduction To Communication Preferences' with our trainer Patricia Montalegre. Discover the 4 communication styles and how to best cater to each personality type.

Lead Qualification Checklist

Real Estate Lead Qualification Checklist

6 min read

Watch as our Bayut Academy trainer, Ioanna Karadima, spills the beans on the six essential steps in our game-changing lead qualification checklist!

Identify Your Target Market

How To Identify Your Target Market & Target Audience

8 min read

Our expert trainers share their insights on identifying your target market and audience. Watch now and learn essential tips and tricks to make your real estate business stand out in a crowded market.

Six Levels of Customer Service

The Six Levels of Customer Service For Real Estate Agents

4 min read

Identify how you can provide outstanding levels of service to their clients. We follow a framework from Ron Kaufman called the 6 Levels of Customer Service to help you identify where you currently stand and how you can improve your service practices.

Types Of Real Estate Buyers

The 3 Types Of Real Estate Buyers

9 min read

What goes on in the minds of property buyers? At our session 'The Psychology Of Buyers' we help you identify different buyer types and plan how to effectively sell to each type.

Effective Social Media Strategy

Planning An Effective Social Media Strategy For Real Estate Agents

13 min read

Start generating leads through social media by planning an effective strategy! in this video we walk you through a simple step-by-step framework we use at Bayut Academy to build a strong social media strategy.

Effectively Overcome Real Estate Objections

How To Effectively Overcome Real Estate Objections

11 min read

Dive into the art of effective objection handling using the APAC framework - a powerful tool that will equip you with the skills to overcome common objections and close deals with confidence.