Best-In-Class Property Management Software

Profolio™ is a robust listings’ management software, available to all registered agents on Bayut.

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Lead Management
Lead Management

View, sort, and manage all your leads in one location.

Agency Management
Agency Management

Manage agent profiles, quotas and listings.

Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway

Automate your billing and simplify your payments to Bayut.

Rich Insights

Understand data and analyse your performance on Bayut with this exclusive section on Profolio. Gain detailed information on traffic, ROI and demand for properties in specific geographies and discover areas with the most earning potential for agents.

  • Competitive Insights
  • Market Insights
  • Transactions Insights

Profolio Manage Listings

Listing Management

Manage your listings and increase the visibility of your inventory on Bayut by utilizing Hot and Signature listings.

Profolio™ Solutions Brief

Learn how you can leverage Bayut's best-in-class listing management software to benefit your business

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Profolio Brief