State-of-the-Art CRM for Real Estate Agencies

Brokerpad is Bayut's state-of-the-art CRM platform designed to empower real estate agents with the right tools.

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Manage Leads and Contacts

Auto-sync your leads from Bayut using Brokerpad’s user-friendly interface.

Efficient Logging
Efficient Logging

Enjoy a 360 view of your entire organization's progress and track accomplishments

Efficient Logging
Simplified Feed Management

Take advantage of a streamlined process for managing your XML feeds

Intuitive Dashboard

Track your listings, leads, tasks and more on a user-friendly dashboard.

Brokerpad Dashboard
Brokerpad Contract

Brochures and Contracts

Create and manage key property documents such as brochures and contracts.

Manage Different Portals

Efficiently upload and manage listings across multiple advertising portals with the click of a button.

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Brokerpad Solutions Brief

Learn how to leverage Bayut's state-of-the-art CRM to manage your property listings

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