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Renting a Villa in Picadilly Green

When it comes to real estate in Dubai, more is always better. That could mean more luxury, more living space and certainly more exclusivity. Likewise, a highly ambitious development project that is nearing completion is the Damac Hills by Damac Properties group. What’s more, property in Damac Hills has been sub-divided into sub-communities and each sub-community has its own uniquely themed lifestyle. Situated on the outskirts of Dubai, Damac Hills and its sub-community of Picadilly Green are considered one of the most ambitious residential development projects by Damac properties. To the northwest of Damac Hills is the well-known city of Dubai Sports City. To the northeast, there’s the community of Arabian Ranches. To get a more practical sense of its location, Picadilly Green and the greater Damac Hills community is approximately 30 kilometres southeast of Dubai International Airport. To its immediate north lies the community of Dubai Studio City and to its immediate west lies the under construction suburb of Golf City.  

Types of Villas in Picadilly Green

For those who are looking for the smallest villas in Picadilly Green, they should start by considering 3-bedroom units which will typically come with 3 to 5 baths and have floor spaces that will range between 2500+ sq. ft. to 2800+ sq. ft. 4-bedroom villas for rent in Picadilly Green will come with 5 baths and will have a floor space that will be around 3,167 sq. ft. Finally, the largest houses will come in the form of 5-bedroom villas for rent in Picadilly Green that will have 5 to 7 bathrooms and the floor space that will range from 3,000 sq. ft. to 4,000 sq. ft.

Rent Price Trends for Villas in Picadilly Green

3-bedroom villas will typically demand a renting rate between the ranges of AED 175K to AED 185K in annual rental payments. For those looking for a larger rental villa, they could consider renting a 4-bed villa that will demand yearly rent payments of AED 220K. Finally, for those interested in leasing a 5-bed villa, they can expect to pay between AED 235K to AED to 285K. Another factor to take into consideration is the fact that some villas will come fully-furnished and thus, charger higher rent prices.

Highlights of Picadilly Green

There are plenty of things to do and see for residents of Picadilly Green. For example, nearby there is a fine dining restaurant that is popular with the locals, known as the Abatjour Bistro. For residents who want to try authentic Thai cuisines, they should consider going to the Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine restaurant. What’s more, there is also an Italian restaurant nearby known as the Carluccio's that has been positively rated by several locals. For a younger crowd that wants to enjoy a good time with friends, they could visit the Big Easy Bar & Grill where they can enjoy a few drinks while having a good time dining on a BBQ platter.