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More About Dubai Silicon Oasis

      Overview of Dubai Silicon Oasis

      Spread over 7.2 km² is the technology park of Dubai Silicon Oasis. As a free trade zone, the mixed-use development offers special benefits to companies operating in the area. To many, Dubai Silicon Oasis is a dead ringer of the Silicon Valley in the US, which is known for hosting a horde of IT companies. It is one of the many developments in the UAE which are designed to help nurture the local information technology sector and create more working opportunities for both locals as well as foreigners. Unlike many other developments in the Dubai real estate sector, this is a wholly government owned project. Silicon Oasis Dubai is a well connected development and is easily accessible from all around.

      The foundation for this project was laid back in 2004 by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA). As a development nestled in one of Dubai's free zones, it offers many incentives and benefits to organisations and corporations which are operating from within this technological park. Silicon Oasis Dubai is located at close proximity with various other business and transport hubs. Port Rashid and Jebel Ali Port are at thirty minutes drive from Silicon Oasis where it only takes about fifteen minutes to reach Dubai International Airport. Business District, which is widely regarded as a mega business hub in Dubai can also be reached within fifteen minutes.

      Of the 7.2 km², 97,740 sq m is dedicated to commercial space. This commercial space, along with the residential areas, is equipped with state of the art technology and offers low cost of operations. Since Dubai Silicon Oasis is wholly owned and operated by the government, it facilitates new businesses by offering them a fast-track business set up and issuing licenses to them in a heartbeat. The fact that it's a free zone and accepts 100 % foreign ownership with zero income and corporate tax makes it one of a kind investment for foreign investors. Some of the companies operating from within the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) include and are not limited to AMD, Corning, Schneider Electric, Philips, Western Digital, Synopsys and Fujitsu.

      As far as the residential population of the area goes, Dubai Silicon Oasis is home to a vibrant community consisting of expats. Most of the expats working in the area also mostly choose to reside in the DSO. What makes it an easy choice is the fact that it is a neatly landscaped development with all amenities of life. With several schools and varsities, the development offers world class education. The various hospitals of the area ensure complete medical attention to those who need it. Shopping complexes, mini marts, swimming pools help the residents beat the heat of the desert as well as have a good time. Tennis courts and cinemas add more recreational value to the DSO for its residents.

      Much like the rest of the city, DSO offers two basic kinds of accommodation options: villas and apartments. Within this oasis, there are various residential communities which offer a mix of leisure as well as protection, making them a haven for both locals and expats working in and around the oasis.

      Community Life in Dubai Silicon Oasis

      Community life in Dubai Silicon Oasis is pleasurable and comfortable. It has all the facilities needed for a luxurious living in a high class community. These facilities range from schools, universities to community centers and shopping malls. The area has a beautiful landscape comprising of parks, courtyards, and play areas for children, round the clock security and a complete and functional road network.

      Silicon Oasis has a gated community within its premises called Cedre Villas. There are a total of 1047 spacious and beautiful villas to choose from for both locals and foreigners, since it is a free zone. They are developed by a well-known firm known as ArabTech, and range between 3 to 5 bedrooms. These villas are available in four sizes. Luxury Villas boast private swimming pool. Executive Villas are smaller than those in Luxury Villas and offer a wider range of some of the finest amenities. Twin Villas are for those who have less elaborated needs. The last type is the town house. For small families who wish to enjoy happy and comfortable living, town houses offer the perfect setting for them.

      The built up area of these villas range from 356 square metres of the smallest, to 676 square metres of the biggest. Apart from the size and the range of available services, these Villas also come in three different exterior styles. Arabic is for the classic Middle Eastern feel, Modern designs are for an up to date and modern look, while Traditional look is for the buyers who prefer simplicity over style.

      Dubai Silicon Oasis also offers top class educational facilities. For those who live in Silicon Oasis, they need not to worry about education of their children because these institutions are available within the vicinity, and are dedicated to providing good educational facilities. That exactly is the case with almost all communities within Dubai properties sector.

      Amenities such as shops and malls and supermarkets are available within the premises of Silicon Oasis Dubai. Other facilities such as retail outlets, banks, and post offices are all available in the vicinity so residents of the Silicon Oasis don’t have to venture out too far just to avail these services for their everyday life and thus making life much easier and community based in this area. Also, hospitals and health clinics are also available in this area so any mishaps can be dealt with quickly and the sick don’t have to travel far to get proper treatment for their conditions.

      Restaurants, cafés, and bakeries are all located at convenient points in Dubai Silicon Oasis so people can eat out with their families and have a good time just near to their residence. Some workaholics might like to sit and look around whilst looking at their laptops in a coffee shop and sip their drinks at the same time.

      All in all, community life in Silicon Oasis can be defined as luxurious, easy and comfortable. All the facilities that one needs to live happily in a society are available here. The villas here are built beautifully and are luxurious so the dwellers can have peace of mind. Anything they need is always a short drive away, never will they have to wander far off to avail anything essential for daily life. Whether it is just a good time with the kids that the parents want in the park or a night out with the family for a great dining experience, it is all available right here.
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