Складские помещения Дубай
Дубай Инвестиционный Парк (ДИП)
Фаза 2
Bayut - KHD-WH DIP-22
AED23 000 000
Фаза 2, Дубай Инвестиционный Парк (ДИП), Дубай
131 861 кв.фут

Склад в Дубай Инвестиционный Парк (ДИП),Фаза 2, 23000000 AED - 9074558

Warehouse Compound in DIP, Dubai
Triangle City Real Estate excited to present to you an exclusive investment opportunity in Dubai
Investment Park 2 (DIP 2). This proposal outlines the key details and financial projections for your
Property Overview:
• Property Type: Warehouses Compound
• Location: DIP 2, Dubai
• Warehouse Units: 22 Warehouses + Offices Block
• Plot Size: 131,800 sq ft
• BUA (Built-Up Area): 78,178 sq ft
• Lease Details: Leased from DIP until 2037 (extendable 30+30 years)
• Current Status: Rented at AED 2,700,000 yearly
• Current Average Rent: AED 34.5/sq ft
Current Market Rent: AED 45/sq ft
• Power Capacity: 18 KW each warehouse
• Warehouse Height: 9 Meters
• Size of Each Warehouse: 3,175 sq ft & 3229 sq ft

Financial Snapshot:
• Current Rental Income: AED 2,700,000/year
• Land Rent to DIP: AED 735,000/year
• Selling Price: AED 23,000,000

Investment Highlights:
1. Stable Rental Income: The property generates a stable rental income of AED
2,700,000 annually, with lease agreements in place until 2037. This provides a
predictable cash flow for investors.
2. Prime Location: DIP 2 is strategically located in Dubai, offering easy access to key
transport routes and business hubs. This enhances the property's appeal to tenants
and potential buyers.
3. Long-Term Lease: With the option to extend the lease for an additional 30 years,
investors benefit from long-term security and potential capital appreciation.
4. Upside Potential: The current average rent per square foot is AED 34.5, below the
market rate of AED 45/sq ft. There is an opportunity to increase rental income by
adjusting rents to market levels.
5. Infrastructure and Specifications: The warehouses are equipped with 18 KW power
capacity each, suitable for various industrial and commercial activities. The 7-meter
height and adequate space make them versatile for different business needs.

Financial Projections:
• Net Income (Current Rent - Land Rent): AED 1,965,000/year
Investment Strategy:
1. Income Generation: Generate stable rental income with the current lease
2. Value Enhancement: Explore opportunities to increase rental income through rent
adjustments and property improvements.
3. Long-Term Growth: Benefit from potential capital appreciation and extended lease
terms, securing long-term returns on investment. Projections:
ROI (Return on Investment): Approximately 8.5%
4. Potential Upside from Rent Increase: AED 830,000/year (assuming rent adjustment to
market rate)

Информация об объекте

  • ТипСклад
  • ЦельПродажа
  • ID объектаBayut - KHD-WH DIP-22
  • ЗавершениеГотовый
  • Средняя арендная плата
  • Добавлено27 мая 2024 г.

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