Apartments for Sale in Umm Al Quwain
Johar 1 Apartments
Bayut - 77701-Ph-R-4875
Johar 1, Johar, Umm Al Quwain
11 Beds
7 Baths
1,284 sqft


  • TypeApartment
  • Price
  • Bedroom(s)11
  • Bath(s)7
  • Area1,284 sqft
  • PurposeFor Sale
  • LocationJohar 1, Johar, Umm Al Quwain
  • Ref. No:Bayut - 77701-Ph-R-4875


TESTESTESTESTESTEST The house was new. Very new. It looked like it had been finished last week. It looked almost too new in some strange way. It was as if it had rolled off a production line, but they had forgotten to apply the mandatory layer of color to it. The windows were huge and seemingly inspired by something truly alien. Anyone could see into the house from an uncomfortable distance. From here, she could see surfaces of white, glossy plastic that iced over the kitchen, granite enforced the walls in their straight, uninspired monotony. There wasn't a single square meter of organic material in sight. Not even a comforting wallpaper that imitated warmth in some way. Not even a plank of wood. The house, it seems, was a livable, modern mausoleum.
Modern house architecture had gone full circle, right back to mud huts. Earth and straw were the new building materials, beautiful smooth curving walls of mud with wooden shingle roofs. They were so cheap and easy to build that the teens often learnt construction by making their own in the backyard. They were warm and as light as the builder wanted, able to take any size window at all.
The house looked like a cut out from Architects Today magazine. It was beautiful. but not in the olde-worlde quaint kind of way I was usually drawn to. Everything was geometric, which I guess you could say about almost any pitched roof abode with square windows, but on this house you couldn't help but notice it. The roof was flat for a start and the door as wide as it was tall. The windows took up entire walls with only polished steel beams to break them into yet more rectangles. The look would have been entirely metallic, like a mini down-town skyscraper had it not been for the cedar beams of the external porch and the matching raised plant beds that contained only white blooms.

On the hill, windswept as it was, had been build a house from such alien materials that local kids rumoured it to be a secret government base. Sometimes when out riding they would beg to pass it and then file past looking out of the corners of their eyes, not wanting to actually turn their heads and gawp. It was both something and nothing like a cow barn. Sure it was just as big, but it wasn't made of corrugated iron. The sides were polished concrete and the door a slab of shiny stainless steel. The windows were taller than a man and more reflective somehow, like if you went right up to them and pressed your face to the glass you still wouldn't see a thing. Around the house was more polished concrete making paths, patios and planters. And day or night the high-beams would go on as they passed, accompanied by the gentle whir of focusing cameras. They speculated that the roof had a helipad and in the garage was an armoured Bentley; if such a thing existed, it would be here.


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