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A child is a God-given trust (Amana) to us. With this concept and vision, a school was opened in Sharjah in 2004 (AL AMANA PRIVATE SCHOOL).By this, the long cherished dream of a group of veteran educationalists came true. This venture has been conceived and accomplished by AL HILAL EDUCATION GROUP, which has become a synonym for quality education in Sharjah. Al Amana is affiliated to the University of Cambridge, UK, to offer IGCSE British curriculum. Al Amana offers classes up to Grade X. Al Amana’s vision is a student centered one; grooming balanced individuals with all-round personality growth is the mission of this schooling process.

Simple and well-designed academic programs supplemented by variety of extracurricular activities will make the learning an enjoyable experience for the little ones. We want to share with you, not only the infrastructure of the school and facilities we offer, but also our vision and mission of developing the future education of your children. The most important asset of Al Amana will be the teaching faculty. We have taken pains to hand pick the best educators available, measured with an uncompromising yardstick for professional excellence and commitment to our mission and vision.

All levels and subjects are handled by experienced British Curriculum teachers. Here again, Al Hilal’s 14 years of experience in the field of result-oriented coaching has been of great support. Languages are taught by native speakers, thus ensuring accuracy from the earliest stage possible. For Muslim students, the syllabus includes teachings from the Holy Quran and Hadith. Special Quran recitation and memorization sessions are arranged for interested students.
"The in-house sports facilities are supplemented by, Science & Computer Lab, School Library , School Transport , School Clinic , School Canteen Extra Curricular Activities Students should be encouraged to participate in every activity organized by the school. This will give an opportunity for the child to bring out his/her interests and talents. Occasionally, the students are taken out for picnics and educational tours with the consent of their parents in writing. Co-Curricular Activities The school encourages all the students to take part in Debates, Elocution, Essay writing, Fancy dress, musical contests, games etc.. "
Curriculum / Programs
"Al Amana is affiliated to the University of Cambridge, UK, to offer IGCSE curriculum. Al Amana offers classes up to Grade IX. The objective is to prepare students for IGCSE-O/A level examinations within the next couple of years. The administrative and teaching personnel are drawn from Arab, Asian, American and British nationalities, which reflect the diversity of the population that we expect to serve in the coming years. Clarity of vision and commitment to the profession are the common factors bringing them together. Learning Policy , , Discipline Policy Early Years Foundation Stage (FS 1& FS 2) The early foundation years are exciting time for a child to explore, interact and learn.This is the time when children need utmost care and guidance.Our EYFS programme underpins all future learning by supporting,fostering and developing children for personal,social and emotional well-being.A record of individual student attainment and progress in the following areas is maintained through an ongoing system of spaced oral and written activities and parents are appraised of it at the end of each term. • Personal, Social, Emotional Development. • Communication, Language and Literacy • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy • Knowledge and Understanding of World • Physical Development • Creative Development Cambridge Primary Programme (Year 1to 6) Primary programme provides opportunities for all the students to learn and progress.CIC Primary programme helps in identifying students’ strength and weaknesses.It progresses students seamlessly in to middle years preparing them for the secondary stage.The subjects offered are: Arabic,Islamic Studies,National Studies,English,Mathematics,Science,Information& Communication Technology (ICT), Art, Physical Education (PE) & Tajweed. French/Urdu from year 3 onwards Cambridge Secondary 1 (Year 7 & 8) Secondary 1 provides learning from all angles and facets to help each child realize their potential and prepare them for demands of the various IGCSE assessments.The subjects offered are: Arabic,Islamic Studies,National Studies,English,Mathematics,Science Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Physical Education (PE) Tajweed and French/Urdu. Environmental Management (EM) from year 8 onwards. Cambridge Secondary 2 (Year 9 to 11) IGCSE In order to cover a broad and balanced curriculum as recommended by Cambridge University, the students are offered eight compulsory IGCSE subjects as given below: Science Stream Commerce Stream 1 Physics 1 Accounting 2 Chemistry 2 Economics 3 Biology 3 Business Studies 4 English as second Language 4 English as Second Language 5 Mathematics 5 Mathematics 6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 7 Environmental Management (EM) 7 Environmental Management (EM) 8 French or Urdu 8 French or Urdu We prepare students for IGCSE examination in 3 subjects in year 10(viz: Information and Communication Technology(ICT),Environmental Management(EM)and French/Urdu and the remaining 5 subjects in year 11.Those students who pass in minimum eight IGCSE subjects are eligible for Cambridge International Certificate of Education(ICE)in addition to IGCSE Mark Sheet. The other subjects taught in the school are : Arabic,Islamic Studies,National Studies and Physical Education(PE) Curriculum ABOUT THE IGCSE SPECIFICATION We have the accreditation from the Cambridge University to conduct the IGCSE Examination in the months of May/June and Oct/Nov. In order to cover a broad and balanced curriculum as recommended by Cambridge University, the students are offered eight compulsory IGCSE subjects from Grade-9. In Grade-10, the students are prepared for IGCSE examination in three subjects namely, ICT, Environmental Management and French / Urdu. In Grade-11, they are prepared for the five remaining subjects namely, Mathematics, English and three subjects from Science/Commerce stream. In Science stream, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects are offered whereas in Commerce stream, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics subjects are offered. This meticulously planned balanced curriculum will make them eligible to ICE Certification in addition to IGCSE certificate. The Breakup of the subject combinations is given below : Compulsory subjects (Five Subjects) 1. English 2. French/Urdu 3. Information and Communication Technology(ICT) 4. Environmental Management 5. Mathematics Optional Combination (Science OR Commerce stream -choose any one stream ) Science Stream Commerce Stream Physics Accounting Chemistry Economics Biology Business Studies Examination Strategy : Subjects for IGCSE Exam in Grade -10 (2 years study - in Grade : 9 and 10) Information and Communication Technology(ICT) Environmental Management French/Urdu Subjects for IGCSE Exam in Grade -11 (3 years study - in Grade : 9,10 and 11) Physics / Accounting Chemistry / Economics Biology / Business Studies English Mathematics IGCSE Examination will be conducted in the school every year in May/June and only the students performing consistently will be permitted to enroll for the same. No student will be permitted to take the IGCSE Examination in October session unless it is a retake exam, subject to the approval of the school administration and University of Cambridge. Examination fees should be paid as prescribed by the school/CIE within the given date and fulfill all the terms and conditions as required by the school and competent authorities."
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