Ras Al Khaimah Women's College - (State)

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The Learning Centre at Ras Al Khaimah Women's College helps students and faculty to reach their learning goals by: Providing opportunities for learning support and independent study, providing students opportunities to extend their learning experience beyond the curriculum, supporting teaching faculty in the design and development of e-learning.

We achieve these goals for student by: Arranging targeted remedial programs for students requiring extra help, including the Peer Tutor Program, scheduling drop-in extra help sessions for your students, providing online and paper-based materials to support classroom learning, creating programs and provide additional software to extend learning beyond the classroom.
Curriculum / Programs
Ras Al Khaimah Women's College offers a range of programs to students. All programs are delivered in English. Upon successful completion of the Diploma Foundations year, students enrolled in the Diploma program will focus on occupation-specific skills at a technician level over two years. The focus of this program is Applied Business and Technology. Students in the Higher Diploma (HD) program will focus on Information Administration over three years following the HD Foundations year.

The program is characterized by the blending of theoretical knowledge and practical applications at a technologist level. Students who sucessfully complete the Higher Diploma Foundations year may be admitted to the four-year Bachelor of Education program with a concentration in English Language Teaching in Schools. The program combines theoretical perspectives with critical thinking and decision-making applications.
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