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"I.A.U is an Iranian non-profit, non-governmental system of higher education founded in 1982, in response to an increasing social demand for specialized manpower and development .I.A.U is a dynamic and fast-growing university and its steady expansion is mirrored in the broad range and increased number of its undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses. Under five disciplines, I.A.U offers 66 fields of study courses in over 180 campuses in and out of the country. Currently, over 1,000,000 students are enrolled. On the global level, I.A.U is a member of several international associations including, the International Association of Universities, the International Association of University Presidents, Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (F.U.I.W). I.A.U At A Glance Established in February 1982, Islamic Azad University is one of the fundamental and lasting achievements of the Islamic Revolution aiming at promoting knowledge and culture, providing specialist human resources necessary for the ft„., country, establishing suitable grounds for people to actively participate in developing knowledge and research. Throughout its 33 years of operation in different academic, educational, research, and technological areas, 4 million students at various levels of study have graduated. Now some 1.7 million students, more than 30,000 academic members, and 35,000 staff members constitute the operative body of the University. This number of people work or study in more than 440 university branches and centers including Science and Research Campuses, amounting to a total of 20 million square meters. Scientific Inventions, Discoveries And Innovations So far, more than 1394 cases of invention made by academic members, graduates, and students of Islamic Azad University have been registered. A strategic council has been established to support scientific inventions and innovations headed by the vice-president for Research Affairs. Over 2000 invention plans have been received by the council. these plans have been reviewed and sent to be scientifically judged. Three inventions are now in the process of being registered in the US Inventions Office. To introduce the new inventions and innovations, a directory titled 'Handbook of Invention Registration' has been compiled and published. Research Centers The University has launched 48 research and technology centers including: • Nano-technology Center • Biotechnology Center • Plasma Physics Research Center • Supreme International Interdisciplinary Research Center • Center for Advanced Science and Technology (CAST) • Water Research Centers in certain branches"
Scientific Inventions, Discoveries and Innovations, Research Centers, Nano-technology Center • Biotechnology Center, • Plasma Physics Research Center. • Supreme International Interdisciplinary Research Center, • Center for Advanced Science and Technology (CAST) , • Water Research Centers in certain branches
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Department of business Management, Undergraduate Post Graduate, Ph. D., Department of Architecture, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Urban Planning Law, Department of Computer engineering, (Associate), Department of Graphic Design, Department of English
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