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"Mission Statement United International Private School is a dynamic educational institution that subscribes to a holistic development of mind and body through Academic Excellence, Quality Performance, Uncompromising service, Respect for Human Values and Principles, Fervent Love of God, Country, Family, and Fellowmen. Philosophy Statement The school believes that education is a process of growth by which a person learns, thinks and acts rationally and effectively. It is committed to the provision of quality education to students, giving them the opportunity to develop and master basic skills attitudes, and desired values must be made available to each other learner according to his own pace and ability. Also, the respect for race, culture, religion, physical stature and social status of individuals from different countries must be developed by each learner. The school is convinced on the collaboration of home environment, community, and the school is the most important institutions wherein the body, the mind and the character of the youth could be fully nurtured."
School Library, Medical Health Services / Clinic, Computer Laboratories, Science Laboratories, Audio Visual Room / Activity Room, Multi – Purpose Court, Swimming Pool, Guidance Counseling Services, School Procurement Office, School Cafeteria, School Lockers, UIPS Virtual Tour, The Campus, Spacious Classrooms, Kindergarten Activity Room, Library, Computer Laboratory, Science Laboratory, School Bus Services, Medical Health Services, Canteen, Book Store, Multi-Purpose Room, Kindergarten, Playroom, Volleyball Court, Basketball Court, Indoor Activity Room, Gymnasium.
Curriculum / Programs
Kindergarten 1:

"The foundation of United International Private School (UIPS) curriculum is set by the Department of Education (DepEd) Philippines and in conformity with the regulations by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and U.A.E. Ministry of Education (MOE). In addition, the school is also monitored by the Inter-agency committee on Philippine School Overseas - Commission of Filipino Overseas – (PSO-CFO). The school currently implements the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC)(Kindergartens, Grades 1 & Grade 7) and the Revised Basic Education Curriculum (RBEC: Grades 2-6 and Grades 8-10). The reason behind these implementations of two curricula’s is established as per mandate of Philippine Government to facilitate transition from the 10 years Basic Education to 12 years. The basis approach to our curriculum design is build on content topics and competencies for the subject areas in all grade levels as prescribed by the DepEd Philippines but with revisions/ enhancement of curricula’s as per private school laws rights. The subject/learning areas have list of developmental domains and learning competencies expected to be mastered by our students at the end of each grade level. The school are constantly monitoring transitions between various phases of each competencies, has set various school policies, teaching-learning strategies to address our students’ different needs and abilities in order to ensure accurate implementation of school curriculum plan (learning competencies) and achieved students individual developmental domains as what we have envisioned them to be functionally literate and holistically developed. The following are the UIPS Curriculum Key Strengths; • Schools language programs for English and Filipino were greatly monitored each students on their progress by our teachers and effectively executes the necessary actions to fully develop the reading, speaking, writing, viewing and listening skills of our students. • The school learning areas for Mathematics and Science were designed to promote cognitive intellectual development of each student by applying in a real life situation what they have theoretically learned. • Social Studies were enriched by embedding in our curricula the UAE’s civic, economic and environmental topics which leads in better understanding of Islam, appreciation of local traditions and culture of our host country. • Learning areas for Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health were structured to develop our student’s creativity, aesthetic, physical and mental health. • Our Values education and Islamic Studies fostered character and values developments of our students. The school is a non-sectarian and respects individuals’ practice of faith. We value diversity and encouraged Non-Muslim birth students to be part of Islamic studies with the consent of their parents if they are practicing an Islamic faith. • Secondary ICT Curriculum was enhanced to give student’s opportunities to explore and harness their skills in the field of Robotics. • School’s cross-curricular and extra-curricular activities were effectively planned by the academics committee to ignite students’ interest in learning, provide a variety of choices in enriching their skills, and further develop their personal and social characteristics. • School community linkages were greatly admired by our parents and students for they were given opportunities to be inspired in learning and be part of a larger community. • Provisions for academically less able students were addressed by putting learning enhancement program to support them improved academically. • The school library is well stocked and class weekly schedules of supervised studies facilitate an outlet for our students to have an independent learning. • The school management is committed in providing facilities and various tools/resources needed in teaching-learning that supports in achieving school’s curriculum plans."
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