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The International Community School fosters a high standard of education from KG through to Grade 12. The school follows a well-balanced curriculum that meets international standards. ICS believes in preparing students to meet the challenges of the modern world around them. We encourage self-reliance and self-discovery and offer creative ways to develop the potential of individual students. ICS is committed to working co-operatively with the family in the development of our student's academic and personal education. It is the mission of ICS to provide a learning environment that is designed to promote the full potential of its students. Moreover, it aims to challenge and guide students to become responsible, innovative members of society. It is our goal to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our students. In so doing, we aim to nurture and support individual students to allow them to achieve their best. The school has an international teaching staff, ranging from native Arabic speakers to native English and French speakers, thus ensuring that our pupils receive an education which is commensurate with the standard of our International council membership. Our teachers from KG to Grade 12, are highly qualified and dedicated people, who show a high level of commitment, not only to our pupils, but to the school as a whole. It is our aim to support the teaching faculty in the optimum delivery of curricula, by providing in-service development days on a regular basis throughout the academic year. We use external agencies and out own staff in the delivery of these professional development days. All staff are requested to follow the disciplinary procedures below. Every member of staff is responsible for discipline at all times. It is a duty to maintain good order and to report any incidence of poor behaviour. Violations in discipline will be dealt with strictly. Should a student be found breaking any of the rules outlined in the Rules and Regulations document, their name will be handed to the Student Affaires Officer who will make a record of the incident. Three or more recorded violations will result in detention- to take place the next Thursday morning. Persistent violators will appear before the Disciplinary Committee. This may result in suspension or, ultimately, expulsion. The school year is divided in two semesters, with the first beginning in September, and continuing till January. The second semester begins in February and continues till the end of May. Each semester has two sets of exams with mid-terms and finals included.Reports are issued at the end of each exam. A committee of staff and pupils is in place to liaise and co-ordinate with the Red Crescent Society. The school will send clothes and volunteer students to give help in fund raising This work is a highly valued part of school life. Parents are welcome to join the committee.
Our school library provides a range of materials in the form of books, magazines and videos, in both English and Arabic, to enhance the school’s education program. Classes are scheduled on a weekly basis to visit the library, and take advantage of the wide variety of materials it houses. Research is encouraged to staff and pupils by on line internet service. A fully networked computer room with internet at all stations. Modern, well equipped physics, chemistry and biology laboratories MUSIC ROOM, ART ROOM, CAFETERIA ,CLINIC. ICS has a qualified nurse on hand during the school day, and is visited once per two weeks by a doctor [pediatrician]. Students undergo health check ups on a regular basis. Vaccinations are given to pupils as appropriate by the visiting doctor. All students and staff members are covered by an insurance policy whilst on school premises. A Health and Safety team of staff has responsibility of overseeing relevant issues within the school.
Curriculum / Programs
The curricula provided by ICS are based on the standard of the International Council of Schools. We offer the best of international curricula from Grades 1-8. Grades 9-12 follow the British examination system. Our syllabi are suitable for out international range of students, and provide a sound preparation for higher level courses. Our school is a certified independent centre for Edexel examinations. The curriculum offers a broad and balanced range of subjects consisting of; Science and Mathematics, English and English Social Studies, Arabic, Arabic Social Studies and Islamic, French, Computing, Business Studies, Sociology, art, music and Physical Education. The KG programme has been developed to welcome and teach young children from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The language of instruction is English. Arabic is also taught on a daily basis. The KG staff are very experienced in working with these age groups, and are ably assisted by knowledgeable and dedicated class helpers. The atmosphere in the KG Department is a mixture of the formal and informal, incorporating music and movement with PE, music and art work in the range of programmes of work. It is in this department that the pre- requisite skills for reading, writing , listening and talking, as well as number work, are taught. The children have a safe play area incorporated in the main playground, where they can climb, and play, in general having a great deal of fun, which is extremely important in the development of language. English, Maths, Science, Arabic, Islamic Studies, French, Computing, English Social Studies, Arabic Social Studies, Art, Music and PE The curricula for these grades stress the development and application of basic skills in the core subjects. Students are taught in the context of whole class lessons, and in smaller groups as appropriate to teaching and learning. These grades represent the transitional grades between elementary and high school. Students follow the British National Curriculum. In preparation for the IGCSE programme, students now specialize in science, studying for biology, chemistry and physics. IGCSE Programme; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English Language, Computing, Arabic and French. Business Studies, literature, Arabic Social Studies, English Social Studies and Islamic Studies are offered as school based subjects. Towards the end of Grade 9, meetings are held between teachers, pupils and parents to discuss relevant examinations and subjects. In these grades, students will specialize in some advanced subjects and prepare for admission into universities and colleges by taking TOEFL, SAT and AP exams along with GCE [AS/A Levels] process of continuous assessment is used throughout the school. This ensures that results are not totally dependent on examinations. Two mid-term exams and finals are held on a yearly basis. Extra curricular activities are regarded as an integral part of education. A range of activities are on offer, and students are encouraged to participate in them. These activities include: Basketball, football, volleyball, computing, chess club and handcrafts. All clubs are run and supervised by staff members. In order to complete the curricula and enhance independent learning, teachers will set regular homework in all grades. Staff consult the class `white book` before setting homework to prevent students from being overloaded with homework on any given day. A department is in place to support and work with those pupils who need extra provision to support them in the school curricula. Grade Advisors forward names of pupils whose work is giving cause for concern, to the department. Pupils are assessed, and schedules drawn up according to need. If it is felt that pupils need clinical assessment and support, parents are invited to the school for discussion. Information is then passed on regarding available clinics where expert diagnoses can be carried out. Once reports are completed by relevant experts, these can then be forwarded to the school and actioned, following further discussion.
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