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Mortgage calculation is one of the major concerns for all kinds of buyers in UAE. Not all of us have the gift to fiddle with numbers and thus most of us cannot even get beyond addition and subtraction let alone deal with any formulae. Now you no longer have to look for a calculator in Dubai or bore yourself trying to calculate monthly mortgage instalments.

Our UAE & Dubai Mortgage Calculator is a simple to use tool operating which is as simple as ABC. To get the figure for your monthly instalment, all you have to do is to punch in the numbers in the boxes. To start with, type in the total Loan Amount in the first text box. In the next text box, enter the Loan Period, which could vary depending upon your mortgage plan. This value can be in months or years, the text boxes are strictly meant for numbers so do not put anything here other than numeric figures.

Next, fill in your interest rate. The rate will depend on the offering from the mortgage provider. Once you're done filling in all three boxes, hit the calculate button and voil, there you have your monthly instalment.

Piece of cake, right? Give it a go!
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