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Total Properties 46,291 View Properties
Average Price (AED) 5,354,734
Average Covered Area (Sq. Ft.) 74,309
Average Price/Sq. Ft. (AED) 72

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How many times does it happen that you get to know about the average market value of a place before making an investment? Even consulting numerous sources hardly ever gives you an honest idea about the average market price in a locality.

There is hardly any other realty market in the world which is as dynamic as that of Dubai. For exactly that reason, it is, in the simplest of words, quite hard to keep a tap on the ever-changing property prices in Dubai as well as the rest of UAE. Real Time Market Place Live is a simple calculator, which works like a Dubai real estate expert equipped with the latest data on the rates of different properties in various areas. Unfortunately, not everyone affords hiring the services of such an expert but on Bayut, this handy tool is absolutely free of cost. Given the fact that it is such a powerful tool, you must be thinking that it is hard to operate but it is not. How it actually works is pretty straightforward.

First, you select the type of property you need to enquire about (residential or commercial). After mentioning whether you wish to buy or rent, pick the locality of the property (which for your ease also appears in the form of a drop down menu). Once you have filled all three of these text boxes, hit the Search button. This tool searches the active property listings, which match your criteria and gives you the estimated average price of property in specified area. It is perhaps the easiest and the fastest way to get an estimated figure, which is quite close to the actual asking price so without spending a dime, give it a try and find out average price of any property in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE.

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