Tools and Directories assists you in making a well informed decision when it comes to property search in UAE by providing various directories that can help you to find all kinds of nearby places to your exact location be it your home, office or any other landmark.

By using our state of the art directories and extensive map search options, you can not only find closest schools, colleges, universities, parks, beaches, shopping malls, hospitals, clinics and many other places but can also calculate the shortest distance to these places.

So stop wasting time and find your nearest area of interest by browsing the directories below.

Property Search Trends Tool has the potential to be your next favourite tool at Bayut. With this smart feature, you are just a few clicks away to uncover priceless search trends prevailing in the UAE & Dubai real estate sector. Use this tool to find out where people are buying and renting.
Real Time Market Price is another one of Bayut's little magic wands which does not even require you to say the magic word. Three simple steps are all it takes to give you a quick idea about the current market price of an area of your interest. Just like everything else on the site, this is simple enough to use.
Mortgage Calculator, as is evident by the very name, helps you calculate the monthly instalments for your property. It is the handiest tool, which gives you an idea about the amount you need to put aside for your property instalment while making a budget.
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