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Overview of Rent in Dubai
Investing in properties for rent in Dubai have become a growing business these days, since the high returns on rental properties is attracting investors to buy a property for rent in Dubai. Since 2002, tourism in Dubai has grown to above 30% and anyone who owns a rental property in Dubai can expect rapid turnover on investment. Whether it is for commercial or residential purpose, investment in the rental Dubai real estate always promises high returns on investment.

Some key projects for investment that offer properties with high rental in Dubai include:

• Jumeirah Beach Residence
• Dubai Marina
• The Executive Towers
• Business Bay
• International City
• Discovery Gardens
• Arabian Ranches
• Downtown Dubai
• The Greens
• The Springs
• Palm Jumeirah

The tax-free environment, lush and luxurious lifestyle, breathtaking developments, mixed culture and politically secure environment are the key attractions for people to live in Dubai. For those who cannot afford to purchase a high priced accommodation, the properties available for rent in Dubai provide a complete solution to expensive living in Dubai. These properties make the best options for living in Dubai with respect to the structural designs, quality of life and amenities.

Be it a long permanent stay in Dubai or a short family or a business trip, Dubai offers a wide variety of rental Dubai properties. Ranging from a small studio apartment to the muti bedroom and hotel apartments to the large villas, townhouses to penthouses, furnished to serviced apartments, the rental properties cater to the complete needs of the holidaymakers.

The Dubai rent property for business purposes offers perfect business environment for the companies to operate and expand their scale of operations in Dubai. Residential Dubai property for rent enhances the experience of living in Dubai due to several attractions in their neighbourhoods. Various glittering shopping malls, beauty salons, cafes, coffee bars, restaurants, entertainment centres, museums, schools, academies, sporting venues, museums, and mosques are in proximity to the rental properties and provide luxurious lifestyle to their residents.

Living in Apartments/Villas on Rent

If you have plans to live in Dubai for a few years and you do not have enough cash to put down for purchasing a property in Dubai, villas and apartments for rent in Dubai make the best possible option for you to enjoy a dream life in the UAE. From small studio apartments to five bedroom apartments, everything is easily available for rent in Dubai and so you can take the one that suits the size of your family. If you are coming alone to Dubai and you wish to live in complete secrecy, you should select a small studio apartment whereas if you want to share your cost of living, you can go for tenant sharing.

Living in Dubai Hotels on Rent

If you are planning to visit Dubai for short stays panning over days or weeks for either family tour or business purposes, renting a hotel room is better for you. If you rent a hotel room for longer time, you get a better rate. Moreover, some people who live on rent in Dubai for longer time rent a hotel room for some days before they find other accommodations for them. The rent of hotel rooms depends on the quality of services and amenities the holidaymakers enjoy during their stays. Mostly the hotel rooms in Dubai are fully serviced as well as furnished with all the basic facilities and amenities of life.
Making Luxury Affordable by Rent Sharing
Not everyone can afford to live on rent in Dubai. Despite low Dubai property prices, it is hard for many middle and low income people to enjoy a high quality lifestyle even in Dubai. The cost of living is the mega cosmopolitan city of Dubai is quite high which is why rent sharing has become a viable option for people as it let’s them enjoy a perfect lifestyle in Dubai at half the cost.

In many areas, six to eight people are living in the shared accommodations in Dubai. Many expatriates find it beneficial to share apartments, bungalows, villas and townhouses with their friends or acquaintances, since it helps in reducing their rents. The total rent of the apartment in divided amongst all the rent sharers and thus, the rent per person becomes affordable to an incredible extent.

One villa one family campaign!

In order to maintain health and safety standards, Dubai Municipality carried out a campaign in 2008, according to which no two families were allowed to share a villa available for rent in Dubai. Dubai Municipality intensified its efforts to uphold this rule and took strenuous actions against the multiple family arrangements in villas by charging fines and disconnecting electricity and water connections.

This campaign was relaxed to a significant extent in 2009. Now this campaign is believed to have been stopped but it has not been confirmed officially.

Who can share rental space in Dubai?

There are a range of options available for rental Dubai sharing ranging from studio to one to five bedroom apartments, flats to villas and townhouses to penthouses. Despite these options rent sharing cannot be practiced freely by everyone.

• Bachelors or single men are allowed to share accommodations and eventually Dubai rent in almost all the areas of the city.
• The unmarried or unrelated persons are technically not allowed to live in the non-freehold areas in Dubai.
• In freehold areas like Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, unmarried couples living in a shared apartment can be tolerated.
• In non-freehold areas like Mirdif and Deira, no one is allowed to share an accommodation except families.

Benefits of accommodation sharing!

• Apart from being economical, shared apartments and villas can come with an option of relaxed rental payments. Sometimes, owners or sellers even accept the option of rent payment after three or two months or in some cases even after a month instead of annual payments.
• Not only rent is divided among the flatmates or housemates but other expenses such as the maintenance, utility, advance rent, security deposit and other costs are also divided which bring down the overall cost of living.
• Housemates can divide their responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, washing, grocery shopping and other household chores which are less burdening as compared to working daily after hectic job hours.

Rent sharing not only brings the down cost of living, it also enhances the pleasure of life. It is an awesome opportunity to increase your social circle, make friends and live with them like a family. This provides life time memorable experience indeed!
Guide to Luxury Rentals in Dubai
Any investment in real estate is regarded as a wonderful option, especially in booming market of rental Dubai. As per the current trends of rent in Dubai, it can be said that rents are increasing at a faster pace. Dubai is a long-term investment market and offers good returns for investors. Regular rental amount from Dubai property can be a permanent source of income for investors. Dubai rent market may fluctuate every now and then but it cannot collapse. Therefore, it is widely regarded as a safe investment option. There are a number of high end areas known best for rent in Dubai. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

High end areas of Dubai

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a posh community and falls in the best high end residential market in terms of quality and rental amount. Rent in Dubai Marina varies as per the location of the property and its value ranges between affordable residences to exclusive and expensive ones. The community offers a plethora of dining and shopping options along with excellent facilities and world class amenities. It is one of the hottest property options in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a high end Dubai rental development that holds a reputation of being very welcoming and secure for families. Despite being located far away from Dubai’s centre, it is a well-planned water front community that offers serene and peaceful environment to its residents. Nakheel, the developer of Palm Jumeirah, offers fine facilities to the residents. The difference between rental amounts of different apartments in Palm Jumeirah is based on sea view from apartment in question. All the apartments are spacious and the construction quality is really good.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

The area is located across from Sheikh Zayed Road and is next to Dubai Marina. High quality constructions and manmade lakes are the key features of this area. The rental price of property in JLT is relatively less than that of property in Dubai Marina but it offers world class facilities, leisure activities and amenities to its residents. JLT offers excellent value to the investors.

Umm Suqueim

Umm Suqueim is an established and premier residential community where locals can yield high profits for rent in Dubai. The community is very popular among both expats and locals but foreigners cannot buy property in this area. Therefore, community still holds a traditional Arabian touch. This community offers excellent services, amenities and facilities along with an array of shopping and dining options. A few villas here also offer beautiful sea view.
Guide to Short-Stay Rentals in Dubai
Dubai is a dreamland not just for tourists but also for investors, entrepreneurs and job seekers from all around the world who come here as businesspersons, job seekers, investors and tourists. Irrespective of their purpose to visit Dubai and the duration of their visit, everyone needs a suitable accommodation for their long and short term stays. Neither everyone can afford to live in hotels, nor does everyone have the riches to buy property immediately. Not everyone likes to indulge in the hassle of getting a tenancy contract, especially, if the stay is short. Dubai is the best city for short trips as it offers a wide range of short term rental accommodation options for every kind of visitor.

The short term rental accommodation options include ultra expensive deluxe hotel rooms, affordable hotel apartments, furnished apartments, serviced apartments, self-catering apartments, studio apartments, penthouses and furnished villas. Certainly, there are a number of things that differentiate luxury short term accommodation options from affordable short term accommodation options but the major demarcation is the considerable rental price difference between the two.

Dubai real estate was one of the badly hit victims of the global economic crunch but the officials and developers struggled hard to bring this market out of crisis. They kept on building the best infrastructure in this city and constructing a large number of buildings for residential and commercial purpose. Different residential communities are also constructed which comprise of apartments and villas, keeping in view different accommodation purposes. All these places available for short term stay are fully equipped with world class facilities and amenities to ensure comfortable living in a prestigious way but despite that, all of these accommodation options are available on rent in Dubai at reasonable rates.

Most of the short term rental properties are located in the city’s prime areas so that residents can have easy access to entertainment options, fun spots and shopping areas. Luxury short term rental properties can be easily found in areas like Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Deira and Jumeirah Beach because elite class tends to enjoy the stay in every possible way along with 5 star facilities.

Affordable short term rental properties are available at other residential locations as well like The Springs, The Meadows and International City, where every facility is available but at reasonable rental amount. Both options are great but entirely depend upon your budget. In short term rental accommodation options, rental rates and payment plans are especially tailored to meet every client’s needs and preferences. Expatriates, visitors, local and international tourists, travellers, entrepreneurs and holidaymakers can rent these short stay residential properties.

Entrepreneurs usually travel alone for business purposes and prefer to stay in hotel rooms due to a number of facilities such as internet, Wi-Fi, conference and meeting rooms and room services as they do not have budget constraints. However, furnished short term stay properties are the right bet for people travelling with families and in need of more space and privacy as compared to hotel rooms. Most of these apartments offer basic amenities and facilities but before moving out make sure, everything is functional. Book your short term apartment with a real estate company that ensures:

• Guaranteed 24 hours services
• High level of accommodation
• Good quality housekeeping
• Functional TV services
• Internet (if you need)
• Reasonable rental amounts
• Fully functional and fitted kitchen
• Comfortable furniture
• Centrally air conditioned
• Foolproof security and complete privacy
• More space as compared to hotel rooms
• Flexible payment mode

Other than all these facilities you can also ask for facilities such as electronic appliances like iron, microwave and dishwasher. You can opt for premium facilities as well which also has gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, safe car parking and indoor games. Bayut can help you in finding the best short stay rental Dubai properties and securing the best deals within your budget and according to your desires.
Guide to Affordable Rentals in Dubai
Like all other desirable destinations, Dubai is the perfect blend of both high and low end residential market in terms of Dubai’s rental rates. Rent in Dubai varies from being affordable to extremely expensive, depending upon the community, quality of construction, facilities, amenities and demand of properties. Facilities in almost every community are excellent.

Due to all of these and several other features such as good rental returns, Dubai rental sector has become the most attractive investment option. There is a plethora of communities in Dubai - both the high and the low end areas are in high demand and if you are looking for a property for rent in Dubai at affordable rates, you can easily find something suitable in one of the following areas.

International City

International City is an awe-inspiring city within a city and was constructed to provide affordable yet stylish accommodation to dwellers. The community is considered a cultural hub of different nationality holders from all around the world. International City is located in Al Warsan region of Dubai. Unique concept, location and affordability make it one of the most desirable localities in the city. Currently, it is home to middle class and relatively lower income groups despite its location and amenities.

Discovery Gardens

If we say Discovery Gardens is a heavenly bliss for everyone who wished to live amongst landscaped gardens and lush green surroundings, it won’t be wrong. The community is located at a prime location between Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road. Residents can enjoy exceptional shopping, dining and leisure activities as the development has central location and offers easy access to everything that Dubai has to offer. Despite its location and all of its facilities, you will be able to get properties here at affordable rates as compared to the rest of Dubai.


Satwa is located next to Jumeirah and opposite to Business Bay. The location is ideal but the buildings here are old and are not of high quality. Therefore, it is home to lower middle income groups. You can easily access city’s attractions from this community but cannot find high quality accommodation here. Facilities are less than stellar but you can enjoy good food from several nearby restaurants.

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