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  • 2 Bedroom Flat for Sale in Emirates Living, Dubai - 2 BR Tanaro LAKE View -Premium Location - CALL Ubaid
    Emirates Living, Dubai
    231,300 sqft

    2 BR Tanaro LAKE View -Premium Location - CALL Ubaid

    AAJ Property

Buying a Property in Emirates Living

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Based in the greater community of Al Pherdan Dubai, the community of Emirates Living, though small, is all about living the high-life. In fact, the greater vicinity where Emirates Living is established is home to the rich, famous and influential people of the city. Just west of the community, there is the famous Emirates Hills (AKA Beverly Hills of Dubai). Being situated in an elite neighbourhood means that the community offers top-notch luxury residential units that have all the amenities one would expect and then some. Certainly, Emirates Living is considered an exclusive community when compared to other types of properties in Dubai.

Types of Properties in Emirates Living

There is a number of properties available for sale in Emirates Living. Likewise, starting with the 4-bed category, one can expect the most basic unit in this class to come with 4 baths and 2,529 sq. ft. of floor space. On the other hand, the most upscale 4-bed version will come with 4 baths and 5,360 sq. ft. of floor space. For those looking at 5-bed apartments, they can expect the most basic version to come with 5 baths and 2,700 sq. ft. of floor space. On the other hand, the most upscale version will come with 5-baths and 6,870 sq. ft. of floor space. For those interested in 6-bed villas, there are very few options to choose from. In fact, the only version one will find seems to come with a floor plan that offers 6 baths and 7,112 sq. ft. of floor space.

Sale Price Trends for Properties in Emirates Living

The starting price for a 4-bed villa will be around AED 1.9M while the most prestigious 4-bed villa will sell for AED 6.56M. When it comes to 5-bed villas, the starting price will be around AED 3.0M for a 2,700 sq. ft. version. On the other extreme, one can expect to pay AED 9.65M for a 5-bed villa that will come with 6,870 sq. ft. of floor space; a villa like this can be purchased for around AED 9.56M. Finally, 6-bed villas with 6 baths and 7,112 sq. ft. of floor space can be bought for AED 9.29M.

Popular Areas of Emirates Living

Emirates Living is established around a vibrant community, mostly home to elite class expats and locals. To the north of Emirates Living, there is The Views community. To the west, there is Emirates Hills 2. Just south of Emirates Living is the Jebel Ali Racecourse. If one was to drive north of this community, they would find the arterial highway known as Sheikh Zayed Road. Likewise, the area next to Emirates Living, the Emirates Hills 2 sector has one of the best green spaces in Dubai. This is because there are several parks and golf courses surrounding the neighbouring community of Emirates Hills 2.

Reasons for Investing in Emirates Living

If one is looking to live life on a budget then it is futile for them to consider living in this community as this is a place for the elite. Although the Emirates Living community is considerably small, it is situated in a location that is more or less considered the Beverly Hills of Dubai.

Lifestyle around Emirates Living

One of the best parts about residing in Emirates Living is the huge selection of bars and lounges the community has to offer. Nearby, there is the Crown & Lion English Bar which offers a traditional English pub ambience. Next, not too far away, is the Clavichord which is a bar located on Thanayan Street, just 4-minute drive away. For those who seek an authentic Irish pub experience, there is Sherlock’s Pub which is located in Al Barsha 1 (close to Mall of Emirates).

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