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Sam Sizeland
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Please do not send me any properties with less than 4 bedrooms. So far you

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Please see above

1237 days ago In Website Help
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Bayut Suppor..
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Property alerts are for the convenience of our members to keep them informed of the properties they are interested in. As soon as a property gets listed in that specific locality which you've chosen at the time of setting up alert, our server processes the information according to the selected options and sends the reminder email to your registered email address.

To manage your email alerts, just log-in to your account, click tools tab and choose manage email alerts from the left pane. All of your property alerts will appear in the right pane.

1. To delete alert: please click delete alert button (at the right corner of right pane) under the heading "controls".

2. To edit alert: please click pencil button to edit the settings of alert. This button is available with each alert at the right corner of right pane under the heading "controls". Here you can set the frequency of the alert to asap, daily, weekly or monthly, according to your requirements.

3. To pause alert: just click pause button under the heading "controls".

Should you have any further queries or need assistance then please feel free to contact us at esupport@bayut.Com.

Site team
1237 days ago 
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