Vesta Real Estate Management was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2007. Initially focused on Property Purchase and Sales for Local and International individual and corporate clients, the business has expanded into the area of property leasing and rentals for Abu Dhabi Landlords and Tenants. We have built up a team of 10 full time agents, all of whom are living and based in Abu Dhabi with different geographical and market areas of Focus. We now offer additional services to corporate clients to assist them with the necessary support for inbound professionals from within the UAE and Internationally. We are licensed Real Estate Agents within Abu Dhabi, which assures our customers of a high standard of professional standards and expertise.
Properties for Sale
  • Properties for SaleListing(s)
  • Villa for Sale4
  • Apartment for Sale7
  • Townhouse for Sale2
  • Penthouse for Sale1
  • Total14
Properties to Rent
  • Property TypeListing(s)
  • Villa for Rent27
  • Apartment for Rent40
  • Warehouse for Rent1
  • Labour Camp for Rent2
  • Commercial Building for Rent1
  • Townhouse for Rent6
  • Penthouse for Rent1
  • Hotel Apartment for Rent5
  • Commercial Villa for Rent2
  • Total85