Bayut Real Estate Bytes

Hosted by Senior Advisor Mahmoud Al Burai, these podcasts engage with seasoned industry experts to discuss new developments in the UAE property market.

Bayut Real Estate Bytes
AA Ayham Al-Maghribi
IAH Ismail Al Hammadi

All about Dubai’s retirement visa scheme

Mahmoud AlBurai engages with industry experts to discuss the latest developments in the UAE’s real estate market. Our new episode takes a closer look at the five-year Dubai retirement visa for expats and foreigners, which allows them to make this Emirate their forever home!

CP Craig Plumb
SS Shahram Safai
SR Stuart Roe

Andrew Love

Investment & Mortgage

Listen to real estate industry experts discuss lucrative investment opportunities in Dubai as well as uncover critical details about the mortgage process

MA Mohanad AlWadiya
HAK Haider Ali Khan

Forecast for the Dubai Real Estate Market 2020

As 2020 kicks off, Mahmoud Al Burai Hosts The Wolf of Real Estate, Mohanad Al Wadiya and Bayut CEO, Haider Khan for an engaging discussion about the latest trends in Dubai’s property market

SK Samer Khalifeh
SS Shahram Safai

Joint Ownership Law in Dubai

Samer Khalifeh, CEO of Kingfield Owners Association and Shahram Safai, Partner and Head of Real Estate at Afridi & Angell sit down with the host of our show Mahmoud Al Burai, to answer questions pertaining to the new joint ownership laws in Dubai.

SG Samer Ganni
MG Mohamed Ghanem

All About Home Owners Association in Dubai

Mahmoud Al Burai discusses with guests all about the new laws announced about Home Owners Association and Joint ownerships in Dubai.

MA Mohanad AlWadiya
MG Mohamed Ghanem
AK Akram Kanso

Why Invest in Dubai?

First episode of Bayut Real Estate Bytes with Mahmoud AlBurai, highlighting the main reasons why investing in Dubai is the best decision people make.

AA Abdullah AlAjaji
FN Fadi Nwilati
YA Yasser Abdulkareem

Types of Property Investment Available in the UAE

Mahmoud AlBurai holds a discussion about the types of real estate investments and products available for investors in Dubai and the UAE