Agent Playbook 2.0

Discover all the things you need to know before launching your real estate career in the UAE in our exclusive Agent Playbook. Learn how you can manage your finances, understand your organisation, establish your name in the industry and more. A successful real estate career has never looked this easy to achieve!

Agent Playbook V2.0
Industry Guide
Industry Guide

Find out how your organisation operates

Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan

Build an effective marketing plan for your personal brand

Build Relationships
Build Relationships

Learn how you can establish your name in the industry

Questioning Techniques
Questioning Techniques

Explore common questions asked and ways to answer them


  1. Manage Your Finances
  2. Understand The Operational Structure Of Your Agency
  3. Build Your Contacts
  4. Find A Mentor
  5. Create Your Marketing Plan
  6. Build Your Expertise
  7. Create Your Name In The Industry
  8. Practice Makes Perfect
  9. Grow With Learning

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