London & Paris International Nursery - (Private)

London & Paris International Nursery was created around an education concept that takes into account the world we live in and is based on dynamic, well-defined ideas: London & Paris International Nursery is a novel educational institute that supports the teaching of basic learning skills while offering Pluses that have become necessary. London & Paris International Nursery reflects the world we live in because it integrates Europe’s languages and its cultures. Beginning in nursery school the organization of a group favors a balanced, multidisciplinary approach.
Arrival of children/Outdoor Game, pre-planned Activities, Sleeping time, Free play, Day care service.
Curriculum / Programs
Nursery School (Pre-Kindergarten 1 & 2):

Goal: Stimulate Curiosity; Expose young children to situations that develop their observation, skills, their curiosity, their attention span, and their imagination, while maintaining a balance between languages (French, English), sports and artistic activities. Help children discover and encourage them to respect the rules that organize living and working together. Encourage communication skills and autonomy.

London & Paris International Nursery;

Developing the gross-motor skills and fine-motor skills that prepare for handwriting. Discovering contemporary art. Discovering Europe and the World. Artistic and sports activities in French and English. Children's literature in English and French. Developing awareness of XXth century Art. Theater and self-expression.


Goal: Learning How to Learn; Art and Sports give each child another possibility to succeed at School as well as in other multilingual environments. Motivate the child in his efforts to acquire important learning skills. Encourage the child to overcome the obstacles he encounters and develop his potential.

London & Paris International Nursery Pluses:

The pre-learning skills: The first steps toward reading and writing in French and English. Development of math skills: counting , addition, number recognition, etc. Artistic and sport activities in French and English. Children literature in French and English. Discovering Europe and the World. Developing awareness of XXth century Art. Theater and self- expression.
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