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Established in 1980, the American Language Center (ALC) is an independent educational institute that provides foreign language courses to citizens of all nationalities. The faculty of ALC serves as mentors dedicated to promoting linguistic proficiency, academic/professional success, and cross-cultural development of their students. The curriculum is designed to help our students acquire skills and competencies enabling them to achieve success in their future endeavors. The American Language Center offers an intensive translation program which leads to a diploma in translation.

ALC also provides English, French and Arabic language courses. ALC distinguishes between learning English for academic purposes compared to learning English for the work force. Specialized test preparation courses allow students to prepare for TOEFL examinations, permitting them to achieve superior results, which reflect the success of these courses. As for professionals, ALC provides the workforce with TOEIC preparation courses, which enable both employers and employees to assess English in work-related contexts.
Extensive Research Library, Computer Lab, Free Internet, Latest Educational Software, Free Academic and Professional counseling, Prayer Room, Free Snacks and beverages.
Curriculum / Programs
The TOEFL test evaluates English proficiency of those who speak English as a second or foreign language. TOEFL test scores are required for admission to almost all universities around the world. Government agencies and worldwide corporations use TOEFL scores to evaluate English language proficiency. Students usually worry, that they would be unable to achieve a TOEFL score that is adequate for admission to a good university or college. We at ALC are convinced, that almost any student is able to achieve an above average TOEFL score with the help of a qualified instructor who utilizes a superior test preparation program.

This unique preparation program has been developed by our experienced instructors. Our books are published exclusively for the ALC, providing the students with all the necessary skills to perform confidently on their test. Our extensive computer labs will familiarize the student with computer based TOEFL testing, which will ensure that he/she is prepared for the TOEFL computer based test. Furthermore, we offer students a resource library, which is constantly updated with purchases of the latest TOEFL preparation software and textbooks.

Course Description
The TOEFL course at ALC is clearly organized and suitable for any intermediate or advanced student of English as a second or foreign language. The TOEFL course offers a step by step program that teaches students critical test-taking techniques, helps students acquire language skills needed for the exam, and generally makes them smarter test takers. This course is an efficient way to prepare for TOEFL; by concentrating on the points that are actually tested in TOEFL, it lets students make the most of their preparation period and never waste their time.

The American Language Center recognizes an individuals constant need for advancement in a professional environment. The world moves in a rapid pace, tending to leave many people behind. We at the ALC, are constantly looking for new means to remain on top. We realize our clients need to offer their best when communicating with their own clients. Therefore, to cater to the professionals needs we have introduced a new training program, which concentrates on English use in the workplace. TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), is an English Language test which measures the everyday English proficiency working skills of people working in an International environment. It indicates how well people can communicate in English with others in the global workplace.

Our training course enables the professional to efficiently and fruitfully improve his/her professional English language skills. The TOEIC training program is intended for all organizations regardless of size. Below is a brief list of some of the TOEIC test benefits for worldwide organizations:
Recruiting, promoting and deploying employees
Technical training
Overseas assignments
Language training
The American Language Center is the sole Language Center, that offers the training program for the renowned TOEIC test ,in the Capital City of the Emirates.

Translation Diploma
This curriculum aims at equipping learners with the basic principles and techniques of translation, enabling them to penetrate into the world of translation professions, relying on a solidly established academic foundation, supported by the theoretical and practical knowledge in such techniques. Needless to say, that due to the information and telecommunication revolution, globalization, internet and multi-media, demand on linguistic services has remarkably grown. As a result of this, translation has become a top priority for learners, researchers and professionals in all fields. Furthermore, people and states are in a dire need for this service to improve the means of communication between themselves.

As translation is an instrument for dialogue, cultural exchange and communication between world civilizations of all times, the importance of its role has been multiplied in our age more than ever. Accordingly, the proposed subjects of this curriculum combine the theoretical module with the practical one to eventually produce a practical and professional curriculum, directly linked with the requirements of the employment market, in the field of languages and translation. What we attain from this course of study, is to create a learner who is able to translate in full compliance with the best and most accurate standards of reliable translation.

Foreign Language Courses
Our Foreign language training program consists of training in three different languages – English, French and Arabic. Our objective is to increase proficiency in the chosen language, enabling students to communicate comfortably in an international environment.

Private Tutoring
Our private tutoring service enables students to enjoy one-on-one instruction. The benefits of having the instructors' attention dedicated to one student are overwhelming. Students who are able to enjoy this service portray improved study skills and confidence levels. Furthermore, it is easy to schedule classes according to the students' specific needs.
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