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More About Muhaisnah

    Overview of Muhaisnah Dubai

    Labour camps in Muhaisnah
    Muhaisnah is the kind of locality in Dubai which has been dubbed Sonapur (land of Gold) by the South Asian labourers who live here. It is located at the eastern side of Deira in Dubai. It is bordered by some of the hippest neighbourhoods in the city like Mirdif, Al Mizhar, Al Twar, and Al Qusais. Muhaisnah may not be renowned for skyscraper or any mammoth structures (because it does not have any) but it presents a fairly decent neighbourhood in the locality of Deira Dubai. Much like many of the other communities in Dubai properties sector, Muhaisnah is divided into many sub communities.

    Muhaisnah, which sometimes also goes by the name of Al Muhaisnah, is hardly a community you hear about in news in general. It is a fairly unknown neighbourhood from a development point of view and is certainly not the centre of any architectural marvels which, otherwise, seem to dominate the rest of the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular. It comprises of four sub communities, namely Madinat Muhaisnah (or Muhaisnah 1), Muhaisnah 2, Muhaisnah 3 and Muhaisnah 4. All four of these sub communities are equally unheard of. The first two sub communities, i.e. Madinat Muhaisnah (or Muhaisnah 1) and Muhaisnah 2 touch the E 311 route (Emirates Road) in the west whereas to its east lies the route D 56.

    Muhaisnah 3 and Muhaisnah four are just as well connected with both of them having quick access to route D 60 and E 311. Although you seldom hear about it in the news or in the media and so it may surprise you to know that it is one of the most thickly populated areas in the whole of Dubai. Not surprisingly, many of the dwellers of Muhaisnah Dubai are South Asian labourers from the third world countries like India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. As per stats of 2000, there are over 90,000 residents living in this area, most of which are South Asian labourers working in various development and construction projects in Al Qusais and other nearby areas.

    All four of Muhaisnah’s sub communities play home to massive labour camps, accommodating thousands of workers living in the area. For this reason, you’d find many labour camps listed on Bayut. Other than labour camps, there are also dozens of residential and commercial plots. So if you’re looking for a labour camp or plots in Sonapur then Bayut is the place for you.

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