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More About Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Overview of Jumeirah Lake Towers

JLT Dubai
Due to sky high towers, lively community ambience, lush landscaped gardens, and glittering artificial lakes, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a spectacular waterfront community and a real charm of Dubai real estate. JLT is ideally located on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite to the magnificent Dubai Marina between interchange 5 and 6. This project is the perfect blend of residential and commercial units, leisure spots, hotels, and retail outlets, and offers stunning views of the 4 manmade water lakes. According to an estimate, 45% of the property in JLT is dedicated for residential use, 21% for commercial, and the rest of 33% is used for mixed purpose.

Jumeirah Lake Towers is divided into two sections. One section has 79 towers, which are clustered in groups of three around the central Almas Tower. The other section consists of 8 towers, clustered in groups of four, which makes the JLT embankment. The 79 towers of first section are built on the edges of 4 manmade lakes namely Lake Allure, Lake Elucio, Lake Almas West and Lake Almas East. These towers along with the waterways make this community a dynamic waterfront community in actual sense.

The 4 artificial lakes, waterways, and landscaped gardens in JLT span over an area of 730,000 square meters, which offer an awesome leisure and recreational opportunity to its residents. Several underground pipes have been fixed to connect the Arabian Gulf to pump water regularly into the waterways and lakes of Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai. These lakes and waterways are approximately 3 metres deep and the flowing water keeps them clean.

The floors in JLT range between 35 and 45 except for the Almas Tower, which has 66 floors and is thus the biggest tower of the project. Out of these towers, Saba Tower was the first tower to be completed in 2006. Every cluster of three towers in the JLT has a spate parking area and retail waterfront. This huge development can accommodate about 60,000 people in its residential units where as around 120,000 in its commercial units.

JLT makes the best Dubai real estate investment spot since the rental rates are quite competitive here and therefore any investment in this project ensures steady returns. The community offers luxurious lifestyle in the form of all kinds of amenities ranging from conference centres to saunas, gyms to the swimming pools, laundries to the super markets, restaurants to the cafes and cinemas to the golf clubs at reasonable rates. Wild Wadi Park, Ibn Batutta Mall, and the Mall of Emirates with the big indoor sky slope and a number of the beach resorts are at a few minutes’ drive.

A number of famous schools like Jumeirah English speaking school, Emirates International School, Winchester, Dubai International Academy, and Delhi private school are near JLT and offer the best educational opportunities. Since the JLT and Sheikh Zayed roads were bearing the traffic of five roads, residents living in the north side of JLT faced traffic issues. However, the two Metro Stations, one at Dubai Marina and second at Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers, located at a distance of 10 minutes from the community, have pretty much solved the problem of traffic jams.

Community Life in JLT

Community Life in Jumeirah Lake Towers
Jumeirah Lake Towers is the place that offers quality living without drilling any holes in your pockets. The affordability factor of the area has given this development a more family friendly ambience as compared to some of the other high-end localities in the city. For that very reason, it is fast emerging as the cosmopolitan neighbourhood suitable for families. Although it is often dubbed the ‘poor cousin’ of Dubai Marina, it still holds enough charm for the residents who prefer its tranquil ‘home-like’ environment over other luxuries of life. The fact that Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai does not enjoy the same limelight as its richer cousin means less tourists and more peace for the residents.

Life in one of Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers’ apartments is nothing less than a privilege. Its close proximity to some of the business hubs and offices makes it a desirable location to live in. Many employees working in Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City, both of which are just a few minutes drive away, prefer JLT over other developments of Dubai as it allows them to save precious minutes while commuting to work. Another highlight for commuters living in the area is the traffic. There are only a handful of areas in Dubai which do not experience high traffic during the rush hours and JLT is one of them.

The high rise apartment buildings of JLT offer a living that is to die for. For many residents, it is actually one of the biggest perks of living in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Although, as per a general prevailing trend in the UAE, many families prefer to live in villas and low rise buildings but if truth be told, there are not many areas that allow you to live on, say the 30th or the 40th floor. Despite the height of the buildings and stacks of floors, going up and down on speedy elevators does not take all that long which saves the residents the hassle of taking the flight of stairs all the way to the 40th floor.

Being higher above the ground means a whole lot more than just a spectacular view which, by the way can offer you a glimpse of The Lakes, Sheikh Zayed Road or The Meadows or the beautiful Dubai Marina. Life in one of the high rise towers of JLT rids you of the pollution and the noise from the ongoing construction work around the JLT. The 24/7 noise of the busy motorway is also warded off because of the height of the towers, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for the residents.

To add convenience to the life at JLT, almost all clusters come packed with an array of mini marts and dry cleaners. The various coffee shops and restaurants offer plenty of fine dining opportunities for the locals who, almost always, end up mingling with other families on weekends, strengthening JLT’s reputation as the ideal place to live in for families. The various lakes and play areas of the JLT act as bonding grounds for the resident families of the area, making it a priceless community.

Why Invest in Jumeirah Lake Towers?

Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai
Jumeirah Lake Towers, a water front community constructed along the edges of the four artificial manmade lakes, reflect the true beauty of Dubai real estate. Be it residential or commercial property, Jumeirah Lake Towers features the best properties for sale or rent in Dubai with respect to quality, design, and location. According to recently collected stats, Jumeirah Lake Towers is the second most searched location on internet.

Why invest in JLT properties?

People prefer investing in Jumeirah Lake Towers because the community offers an all-time high return on investment. Even during the bad times when Dubai real estate prices fell by more than 60%, JLT remained amongst the few areas that were nearly successful in dodging the crises.

Those interested in buying property for permanent stay in Dubai must consider Jumeirah Lake Towers because the community offers fine amenities to its residents which ensure quality lifestyle in Dubai. Let’s see what makes Jumeirah Lake Towers an ideal choice for living in Dubai.

Jumeirah Lake Towers - An Ideal Place to Live

Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai
Besides being the coastal residential area with stunning sea views and panoramic sights of the lakes, JLT offers some of the best recreational, educational, sporting and business opportunities to its residents. There are about 25,000 residents and over 10,000 people working in JLT. The demographic of the community is diverse as the residents and working class here belongs to different cultures and backgrounds. The residences in JLT have terraces and balconies and there is enough space left alongside lanes for joggers and pedestrians.

For sports enthusiasts, Jumeirah Lake’s close proximity with JLT provides various facilities for water skiing and scuba diving. For children, many playgrounds are already a part of Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers and many new ones are to be included in the community soon. All of these playgrounds are covered from all sides and thus provide complete security to children against factors such as heat, infection, sunlight, injury and everything else that can disturb their mental or physical health. JLT is served by two metro stations i.e. Metro Station of Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina. Accessing the centre of Dubai or reaching Dubai International Airport from JLT is quite easy as there is very less traffic on that road.

Since, Jumeirah Lake Towers is located in close proximity with Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina and Palm Islands, the residents here can easily become a part of the activities held in these areas. Also, the important shopping malls such as Ibn Battuta Mall, Marina Mall and Mall of Emirates are at 5-10 minute drive from JLT.

Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai has more than one million square feet of retail space, a range of local grocery stores located here provide home delivery services. The retail area also features restaurants offering mixed cuisines, coffee shops, beauty parlours for men, women and children, mini marts, health clubs, medical centres, pharmacies and offices of Dubai property agents. For visitors and tourists, JLT also features some of the best five star luxurious hotels including Bonnington and Oaks Liwa Heights.

Besides these attractions, the community also organises a variety of activates to provide different opportunities to its residents to socialise with each other. These activities include community fairs, open air farmers market, charity fairs and Dubai Shopping Festival. JLT is an ideal choice to live in Dubai.

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