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More About Jumeirah Islands

      Overview of Jumeirah Islands

      A cluster of villas in Jumeirah Islands
      Jumeirah Islands is a hub of beauty and peace combined. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jumeirah Islands are a housing development and is developed by Nakheel Properties, Dubai’s biggest developers. Jumeirah Islands is made of smaller sub islands which are clusters and each comprising of 16 villas. These all sit in a gigantic artificial lake.

      The whole complex includes 50 clusters, 46 of which are residential and include a restaurant, a supermarket and a club house. There’s also a gym and a leisure facility. All of the 736 houses have their own swimming pool. 2 clusters have 4 deluxe community apartment buildings, 2 have fronds housing townhouses and the Jumeirah Island’s Village retail area. Other facilities include community gardens and recreation centre. There’s an amphitheatre, a marina, walkway bridges, cycling paths and amazingly there are 10 dynamic waterfalls. In 2006, most of the residential communities in Jumeirah Islands Dubai were completed and handed over.

      A variety of European, contemporary, Mediterranean and Arabian designs are found in each of Jumeirah Islands villas. All of these Islands are surrounded by water with cascading waterfalls and currents keep the water, which surrounds the islands, flowing. Small percentage of these villas overlooks roads and does not have the assumed views of water. Such villas are less expensive but at the same time they add capital gains much slower than the one’s with water views, due to the fact that one expects to see water through their main reception rooms if they are living on an ‘island’.

      The location of the islands is close to major business hubs. Thus, its popularity with the business tenants is immense. The garden and the water ambience of this project have proven to be quite attractive, the architectural designs are very innovative and modern and its communal amenities are superb. This means that the property in the islands holds its high value very well and also creates a promising impact on the residents.

      Using the name ‘Jumeirah’ for some people is considered a marketing fib and many believe that it is best if it is changed so that the geographical integrity of the original and first coastal Jumeirah, which has its utmost important role in the evolution of the old Dubai, is maintained. This idea is more urged upon so that the new investors, the new residents and the visitors are unnecessarily confused. The fact of the matter is that these projects are quite magnificent and of excellent quality and at the same time can firmly stand on their own merits and their own unique names. Thus, the authorities do not need to make a wrong association with a quite unmatchable and great geographical part of the old city in Dubai properties sector.

      Summing up, one can say that there is no other place like the Jumeirah Islands and no one can question its beauty, elegance and uniqueness. Many people consider it to be the 8th wonder of the world and it sure is an amazing piece and reclaimed land. Jumeirah Islands has everything! From day time activities to the stunningly beautiful Dubai sunsets, a wide range of water sports, and great swimming facilities, from posh restaurants, to modern bars. Shopping malls and amusement for kids and adults is all available here. The world famous marinas will definitely take your breath away, and all these facilities and even more make the Jumeirah Islands one of the best residential area in the world and a great tourist attraction. This place will definitely make your dreams come true.

      Community Life in Jumeirah Islands

      Jumeirah Islands view from top
      The Jumeirah Islands is an exclusive housing development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As one of the biggest projects in Dubai, it’s a prime project of Nakheel Properties, a company which is considered one of Dubai’s largest developers. The complete Jumeirah Islands consist of smaller islands which are referred to as clusters. Each of these smaller clusters comprises of 16 villas. The extraordinary thing about this project is that all of these villas lie in an artificial lake, which is something very unusual for any residential scheme. Also, this artificial lake is so large that the entire complex has a land to water ratio of 23:77.

      The entire complex consists of a total of 50 clusters. Most of these (46 to be exact) are residential islands, a top class restaurant, a clubhouse with fabulous facilities, a state of the art gym, and of course a leisure facility. Sticking to the exclusive theme of the whole project, each has its own built in personal swimming pool. Nakheel Properties, the company which has developed this mammoth project has one main aim in its developments which is to create such environment which blend in harmoniously with Mother Nature and offer a sense of security for all cultures along with beautiful scenery and landscape and world class facilities. It can be said that in Jumeirah Islands, they have definitely succeeded in this aim.

      When choosing a villa in the Jumeirah Islands one would face hard decision making process - to choose between four fabulous styles of the villas. Firstly, the designs of European style villas have taken much inspiration from the Renaissance era. Extravagant designing with beautiful tiled roofs and symmetry are a treat for the eyes. Lots of balconies and courtyards for that vintage give a unique European classy feel.

      Secondly, the Islamic style Villas focus more on the 18th century style of floral tiling which makes it look absolutely amazing. The architecture is a spiralling mix of different cultures from the Middle East comprising of Moroccan, Ottoman and Abbasid cultures. Such a mixture when put into play turns into a lush and eye pleasing work of art. The Mediterranean style villas bring a little of piece of Italy and France with them. Covered with numerous terraces and surrounded by many olive and cypress trees. These Villas are a reminiscent of classic Mediterranean culture and a life saver for those homesick people living in Dubai properties sector. The last option available is the Oasis-Inspired Villas. These are a safe haven for those who would just like to hide out and live within nature’s harmony amidst the odd lush and beautiful central gardens.

      All these villas transgress a sense of pure elegance and novelty about them. Each one of the four styles, tell a whole different story about a specific culture or part of the world. Along with its own private swimming pool, each villa has its own garden along with a maid’s quarter. Keeping up with the growing rate of technology, all the Villas have a home automation system which controls all the villa’s security features along with lighting and heating system etc. The islands have bridges and walkways which run through the beautiful landscape and the artificial waterways. This presents people with an opportunity to go out and enjoy the immensely superb views while walking or bicycle or running while taking in all the amazing beauty that is on offer.

      The Jumeirah Islands has a lot to offer in terms of leisure facilities. These facilities include swimming, basketball courts, squash courts, tennis lawns and many other games. So, you are not away from a complete package of residential area if Jumeirah Islands is your choice. They have also tried to multiply the sense of community in this scheme with small café’s and retail outlets which are available at biking or walking distance. For fetching regular grocery you won’t have to travel long distances. Jumeirah Islands is a complete sense of living amongst a picturesque view, leisure facilities and a comfortable environment. This is what you might call; life on a man-made island is a bed of roses. Without any second thoughts Jumeirah Islands serves the assumption right.

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