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More About Dubailand

    Overview of Dubailand

    Dubailand is the ultimate entertainment district in Dubai and has been treated with equal enthusiasm by the expats and tourists. After much delay, the project finally reached the stage where some part of it could be opened to the public, while construction work on the rest of project, as per the plan, continues. The real estate crash is the prime reason why the project was put on hold several times during the last one decade.

    It is a common belief that the dream of making Dubai the best and the most visited tourist destination on the planet can come true with projects like these. Statistics collected so far about the number of people who visit the Dubailand on regular basis support this theory. Although it was believed that Dubailand will remain primarily an entertainment zone but the rising demand of Dubai properties in the area supported the idea of constructing residential units. Since most of the residential compounds in Dubai focus on providing all facilities required for a modern and comfortable lifestyle, Dubailand was destined to become a success.

    Dubailand is divided into 6 main zones namely: Attractions & Experience World, Sports and Outdoor World, Themed Leisure and Vacation World, Downtown, Eco-Tourism World, and Retail and Entertainment World. The entire setting of blending the entertainment, sports, leisure and retail zone with commercial units is a highly successful one as many apartments and villas in Dubailand are sold and occupied by the expats. These residential units include Al Waha Villas, MotorCity, Dubai Sports City, Wadi Walk, The Palmarosa, Remraam Community, Al Barari, Layan Community and Dubai Lifestyle City.

    For investment in commercial properties in Dubailand, the notable developments are Caesar Tower, Layan, Majan, Dubai Residential Complex, Aurora Tower, Cinderella Towers, The Villas, Shakespeare Tower, and The Tiger Woods Dubai. Living in Dubailand, in the centre stage of Dubai’s entertainment life, is an experience of a lifetime. Since millions of tourists visit Dubailand annually, the buyers and investors may fear the absence of peace here but the developer has made sure to give due privacy to the residential areas. Therefore, having an apartment in Dubailand means a very easy access to the city’s most attractive spots without compromising on the quality of life.

    More About Attractions of Dubailand

    Sky view of Dubiland
    To live the dream of making Dubai the visitor’s paradise, Dubailand is set to play a vital role. The entertainment complex is designed to offer grand means for amusement. Although Dubailand is inspired primarily from Walt Disney World Resort but it definitely is one step ahead of the former in terms of its size and the number of theme parks located here.

    The development covers a huge area of 278 km2 and hosts a number of mega entertainment projects including themed parks, racing tracks, movie theatres, retail and shopping area, sports centres and multipurpose stadiums, trade parks, and dozens of other entertainment facilities. Many of these projects have invited huge media coverage and international interests.

    Location of Dubailand has also been much appreciated as it lies on Emirates Road in close proximity to airport and other important locations and landmarks, making it highly accessible from all important districts of the state. It is this very location that offered acceptance for the addition of residential, commercial and corporate space within Dubailand’s premises.

    It is by far the most grand leisure project of its nature and has been a source of inspiration for various developers and contractors who previously focused on building housing units. With Dubailand redefining entertainment and leisure activities in Dubai, many visitors, tourists and expat families living in the city now have wider hangout options that are filled with thrill and excitement.

    In contrast with just how enthusiastic everyone in Dubai was about the development of Dubailand, the development progress here has been slow, owing to severe economical crisis faced by the world in general and the Middle East in particular. Construction work has been halted many times causing more delay and frustration among the people. However, every delay brought along further addition of new developments in the project making it more grand and noteworthy.

    The list of attractions at Dubailand is huge. According to the latest information released by Tatweer, Dubailand includes 45 mega projects and over 200 sub projects. Unlike almost all notable entertainment zones of the world, Dubailand hosts a wider variety of things to do and leisure facilities. From watching movies in the world’s most advanced cinemas to playing golf at the natural plush turf and from riding the wild most rides to shopping in some of the most chic districts of town, the recreation possibilities appear unlimited here.

    Dubailand is divided into six zones, each focusing on a particular theme. These zones are:

    1. Downtown
    2. Attractions and Experience World
    3. Retail and Entertainment World
    4. Eco Tourism World
    5. Sports and Outdoor World
    6. Themed Leisure and Vacation World

    According to the project details issued by Tatweer, the developer of Dubailand, Downtown zone will occupy an area of 1.8 km2 and four sub zones, including City of Arabia, Virtual Game World, and City Walk.

    Attractions and Experience World, being the largest of 6 zones, occupies 13.9 km2 and has 24 zones. More notable of these zones in Attractions and Experience World include Tourism World, Universal Studios Dubailand, Legends of Dubailand, Pharaohs Theme Park, Bawadi, Warner Bros. Movie World, Global Village, Fantasia, Marvel Superheroes Theme Park, Six Flags Dubailand and Falconcity of Wonders.

    The Retail and Entertainment World covers an area of 4 km2 and has 7 zones, namely Flea Market, Dubai Lifestyle City, Black Market, Factory Outlets, Dubai Outlet City and World Trade Park and Auction World. Similarly, Sports and Entertainment World is also detailed enough and houses some very appropriate zones that blend perfectly with its theme.

    Since Dubailand targets families, it makes many people get this impression that the range of attractions available here are mild and not meant strictly for the grownups. This impression in not correct, as there are many entertainment facilities that target individual groups including women, sports enthusiast, golfers, water sports fans, wild ride lovers and environmentalists. Dubailand is meant for everyone who has the guts to take on the wild side of thrill rides in Dubai real estate sector.

    Zones of Dubailand

    Model of Dubailand showing various zones
    Dubailand boasts six tempting zones. All six of these zones are discussed below.


    Dubailand Downtown is designed to accommodate, assist, and entertain families that have a special craving for exceptional recreation. Spread across an area of 1.8 km2, this zone offers residential units, corporate facilities, commercial districts, entertainment area and retail sectors as well as theme parks that are meant to entertain the whole family. City of Arabia, Virtual Game World and City Walk are some of the notable projects of Dubailand Downtown. City of Arabia remains the most attractive entity in Downtown Zone as it is home to important developments such as Mall of Arabia, Elite Towers, Wadi Walk and Restless Planet. It is a multibillion dollar project and once completed, it will offer residence to 32,800 people.

    Attraction & Experience World

    It is by far the largest of all zones in Dubailand and features a wide array of places to visit. The theme of this zone is to offer interactive entertainment facilities to the visitors. Attraction and Experience World covers an area of 13.9 km2 and has a total of 24 sub zones, making it the most attractive and extensive zone in Dubailand. Much of the construction work in this zone has finished and so it receives more excited visitors. Fantasia, F1-X Theme Park, Bawadi, Warner Bros. Movie World, Global Village, Sahara Kingdom, Marvel Superheroes Theme Park and Falconcity of Wonders are some of the more notable projects of Attraction & Experience World.

    Retail & Entertainment World

    Dubai retail sector remains the state’s most attractive feature for foreigners and Dubailand has not failed to cater to the shopping needs of its visitors. An entire zone is dedicated to Retail & Entertainment activity over an area of 4 km2. Classic and chic shops, markets, and malls are meant to attract visitors with branded, cultural, ethnic and similar items of high quality. To further accentuate the shopping fun of the buyers in Dubailand, there are specific markets focusing on particular niches. These markets include Black Market, Auction World, World Trade Park, and Flea Market. Factory Outlets, Dubai Outlet City and Dubai Lifestyle City are the sections where one can find branded and non-branded shops for a wide range of retail items.

    Eco Tourism World

    In order to offer more to visitors Dubailand as well as inspire them with eco friendly tourism, Dubailand has dedicated an entire zone to eco tourism. It is known as Eco Tourism World. This zone has an area of 130 km2 and features 5 parks. The theme of each of these parks resolves around environmental conservation and thus making the world a safer and healthier place for different species of plants, animals and of course all human beings. Al Sahara Desert Resort, Bio World, Sand Dune Resort, Al Kaheel, and Animal World are the 5 sub developments planned for Dubailand.

    Sports & Outdoor World

    Sports and Outdoor World features a huge range of sport facilities that revolve around giving the visitors a rush of true action and real indulgence. This zone is spread across an area of 32.9 km2 and includes attractions such as Dubai Snowdome, Dubai Motor City, Extreme Sports World, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Golf City, and Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club. All of these facilities are world class when it comes to their qualities and features. Many known events of cricket, golf, and car racing have been taking place in different sports facilities of Dubailand, winning Dubai the front seat in many international sports events.

    Themed Leisure & Vacation World

    Themed Leisure and Vacation World spreads across 29.7 km2 of land. The authority of Dubailand has planned four sub zones for this zone, namely Andalusian Resort and Spa, Destination Dubai, Women’s World and Desert Kingdom. Like the rest of the zones, Themed and Leisure World too is planned in detail to offer the best of entertainment and activities signature to it.

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