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More About Discovery Gardens

Overview of Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens in Dubai
Discovery Gardens is a prime freehold residential community located in the heart of ‘New Dubai’. It spans over an area of 26 million square feet. Nakheel, the developer of Discovery Gardens, launched this spectacular community in 2004 and offered a groundbreaking real estate investment opportunity to the investors. All residential units in Discovery Gardens have marble and ceramic tiles on floor and promise a high quality of lifestyle. The apartments in Discovery Gardens were handed over to the owners in 2008.

This lavishing community accommodates more than 60,000 residents in its 291 buildings. There are about 26000 apartments plus 200 retail shops in these buildings. Most of the residential apartments in Discovery Gardens Dubai consist of one or two bedrooms and offer convenient and comfortable lifestyle to the middle and upper class. Since recognizing the need of leisure is the true luxury in itself, developer has dedicated 30% of the area of Discovery Gardens to the landscaping only.

Located between the Emirates Road and the Sheikh Zayed Road, Discovery Gardens is in close proximity to the other spectacular properties, which make it quite a popular project in Dubai real estate. In the heart of ‘Jebel Ali’ along with Jumeirah Islands, Green Community and Dubai Marina, Discovery Gardens offers architecture which inspires residents with its lush landscaped surroundings. Discovery Gardens is a perfect place for those who dream to have beautiful lawns in their locality at Dubai.

Discovery Gardens is divided into six themed clusters namely Mediterranean, Mogul, Cactus, Mesoamerican, Zen, and Contemporary. All these communities are the perfect blend of harmony, simplicity, serenity, beauty, and symmetry and offer unbeatable living environment soaking with natural beauty. These gardens are enriched with blooming wild flowers, exotic fruit trees, fresh green grass, domes, arches, and fountains that make them ideal spots for stress free life.

Dubai Discovery Gardens offers the perfect blend of city life with peaceful surroundings as the locality is connected with corporate offices and leisure clubs. The amenities that define the convenient and affordable lifestyle offered at Discovery Gardens include mosques, swimming pools, volleyball courts, football pitches, shaded parking areas, jogging tracks, Metro stations, children’s pools, tennis and basket ball courts.

Ibn Battuta Mall, standing close to Discovery Gardens, complements the location of the community and offers the best shopping experience and leisure facilities. More than 200 shops in the Ibn Battuta Mall, variety of dining options and 21 big screen cinemas offer excellent recreational opportunities to tourists and make Discovery Gardens a prime investment opportunity for real estate in Dubai. Winchester School and the Jebel Ali Primary School are the prominent educational institutes for the residents of the community.

Because of being close to the Dubai Metro Stations, Discovery Gardens offers fine transportation facilities. It is located in the centre of the city and there are many accessible and simple routes leading to the society. Discovery Gardens offers safe, healthy, and peaceful environment to live in and thus it is ideal for the families. Those looking for properties in Discovery Gardens in Dubai should browse this page.

A Quick Look at the Themed Communities of Discovery Gardens

Mogul themed development in Discovery Gardens
Discovery Gardens Dubai consists of six themed communities inspired by garden living. These themed communities are called Cactus, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Mogul, Mesoamerican, and Zen. Let’s take a look at these communities one by one.


Discovery Gardens in Dubai is Nakheel’s project. Cactus is planned and developed to buttress the developer’s image as well as add another landmark community to its credit. The theme of this community was confirmed after conducting market research and keeping in view the needs and preferences of its residents. Cactus is developed to complement the rest of the community and it offers a number of leisure facilities.


Contemporary is another themed community of Dubai Discovery Gardens where everything appears fresh, stylish and slick. Clean and crisp architect of the buildings and subtle sophistication describes the true spirit of this community. Space, colour, and the concept of Contemporary combine to create a smooth effect that reflects the aspirations and distinctive needs of the residents.


The key aspects of Mediterranean community are warmth, simplicity, relaxation, and recreation. Conjuring up the Mediterranean theme and the love of private relaxing space, the community is planned to represent nature at its rustic best. Stones, ceramics and wooden elements are blended uniquely to construct buildings that truly represent the beauty of Mediterranean region.


Splendour, charm, royal aura, and symmetry are the words for this community. The royal taste and fascination is represented through the architect and design of the Mogul building, which reminds of imperial Mogul Era. The developer has put great emphasis on creating beautiful havens, exotic structures, landscaped gardens, and a mix of domes, arches, and courtyards. Everything in this community is simply magnificent and majestic.


This is a community that is unique and mesmerising and makes you realise how much humans can benefit from nature. This community is an exclusive blend of natural beauty and modern functionality. It is also the ideal choice for anyone looking for a peaceful and contemporary lifestyle altogether. The community is exactly how a nature lover would want it to be.


Serenity, Peace and harmony – the community is a blissful gift for residents. It offers more than just a living space that is a unique blend of architect and landscaping features. It is a perfect living destination where residents cannot just enjoy peaceful living but the stillness and calmness allow them to set their imaginations free and unwind their tired soul, body and mind.

Restaurants in Discovery Gardens

The Kebab Shop cheff hard at work
For those of you who are interested to spend their holidays in Dubai, Discovery Gardens offers one of the best restaurants to experiment with different cuisines. According to the latest study, the UAE residents on average dine out 11 times during any given week. The study also shows that 55% residents like to have local Arabian cuisine while 50% also regularly go for foreign cuisines preferably Italian and Chinese.

This shows that dining out is not only the all-time favourite activity of the tourists but it is also fun for the residents. If you are pressed for time and you don’t want to decide what to eat in a hassle, shop grocery from the store and then cook yourself, going out for dinner would be the best option.

Be it a regular day or some kind of celebration, you can choose from a number of restaurants in Discovery Gardens Dubai as it will never disappoint you with respect to food taste and other services. Though all the restaurants in Discovery Gardens give you awesome menus but if you are planning to come to Dubai, never miss the chance to try the following three restaurants.

Simran’s Appa Kadai!

This is an Indian cuisine restaurant which was opened in 2002 with an objective of offering authentic Indian flavours for Indian people in Dubai. The restaurant also promotes Indian cuisines among the food lover of other nationalities. Appa Kadai has a total of 7 branches out of which 4 are located in Dubai while the other 3 are in Chennai, India.

The restaurant offers over 350 vegetarian and non vegetation dishes in more than 10 cuisines including North Indian, Chinese and Chettinad. The perfect mix of spices is the core competency of the restaurant which increases craving among the guests for more food. The restaurant also has a signature dish ‘Aappam’ being offered in multiple mouth watering combinations. The restaurant also offers spacious catering capability, trained chefs, and take-away counters.

The Kebab Shop!

The Kebab Shop, located in Dubai Discovery Gardens, has a home-like ambience and offers a memorable dining experience. The Kebab Shop is inspired by the modern kebab shops found in the UK. This restaurant offers multiple British style dishes prepared with locally sourced fresh chicken and meat. Doners, which are roasted in vertical rotating spit, make the most popular dish of the restaurant.

All the beef, mutton, lamb and chicken dishes are served with special sauces, natural spices and naan or pitta bread. With the meal, you can enjoy desserts, beverages and lassi. The restaurant offers efficient take-away and catering services, affordable food, mouth watering combination of spices and original taste for the people from diverse nationalities.

Green Chillies Restaurant!

Green Chillies Restaurant is an eating spot for everyone in Discovery Gardens, since it offers multiple cuisines for all types of nationalities. Being located in Discovery Gardens in Dubai and Al Barsha, the restaurant offers mouth watering and fresh Arabian, continental, Pakistani, Chinese and Mughalai cuisines. The restaurant delivers the food to home in several areas of Dubai but only if the order is priced AED 50 or above. The requirement of minimum order does not apply on the deliveries within Discovery Gardens.

The restaurant has a delicious menu offering soups, salads, rice, Indian breads, vegetables, kebabs, fish, sandwiches, burgers, drinks and hot beverages. It also provides catering services for parties, weddings, birthdays and other festival parties.

Hotels in Discovery Gardens

ZiQoo in Discovery Gardens
There is literally load to discover in Discovery Gardens, making it an ongoing process. Loads of hotels and restaurants of this area ensure plenty of entertainment all around. The lavishing community promises a high quality, convenient and comfortable lifestyle for the upper and middleclass. There are several cafes and mid-range restaurants in and near the vicinity, offering a variety of cuisines. There are several eateries, hotels and restaurants which also offer to deliver food across Discovery Gardens in Dubai. Let’s take a look at some of these wonderful hotels and dining options.

ZiQoo Hotel Apartment

ZiQoo is the first Japanese owned and managed hotel in Dubai and located closely to Ibn Battuta Mall, The Montgomerie and Dubai Marina. The hotel provides an easy access to Dubai’s attractions like Jumeirah Beach and the central business district. At ZiQoo, the management offers a unique blend of exotic ambience, cosy, comfortable rooms and friendly services to ensure a memorable stay. There are 169 furnished and decorated guest rooms. The hotel offers concierge desk, restaurant, spa, subway, dry cleaning shop, supermarket, a business centre, parking facilities and Japanese food home delivery service.

Grand Midwest Express

Grand Midwest Express is located at a prime location and in close proximity to Ibn Battuta Mall, The Montgomerie and Dubai Marina. Whether you are visiting Dubai for work or pleasure, Grand Midwest is a 4 star hotel and the optimum choice to stay in while visiting Discovery Gardens Dubai. The location is popular for its prosperous residences, business centres and numerous retail outlets. The hotel offers a health club and fitness facility, wireless internet, a business centre, meeting rooms, limo services, a restaurant, a coffee shop, cafe and a bar. Additional facilities include a concierge desk, multilingual staff and laundry services.

Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel

Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is located at an idyllic and attractive place – opposite to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall in Dubai Discovery Gardens. Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel by Movenpick is the first hotel that is centrally located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The popular Ibn Battuta shopping mall is just a few steps away from this 5 star hotel. The hotel has 396 comfortable, well designed guest rooms including 20 suites each with a private balcony. Exclusive hotel features include a rooftop swimming pool, a fitness centre and a spa. Other amenities include a business centre, meeting rooms, an event space, 7 dining outlets, children club and an executive Lounge.

Discovery Gardens is a popular project in Dubai real estate and these hotels make it one of the best options to stay in during visit to Dubai. In short, it promises plenty of fun and entertainment options for you.

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