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Full Building! Good Investment Of Residential Units In Barsha!
Residential Building for Sale, 62,934 Sq. Ft.
Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha
Tango Real Estate Offers Building in Al Barsha.Specification:2 B Plus G  Plus8 Floors Plus Roof 64 Total of Apartments (16 Nos. of 2 Bedrooms + 48 Nos of 1 Bedrooms)Three ShopsCar ...
1 hour ago
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Brand New Residential Building At Tecom
Studio Residential Building for Sale, 40,000 Sq. Ft.
Al Barsha 3, Al Barsha
Hotel apartment TECOM is the area of high rise apartment towers in between Al Barsha and The Greens and opposite Media City. It has many businesses centers,offices,commercial buildings It has excellent access to ...
1 hour ago
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Hotel Apartment For Sale In Al Barsha
Studio Residential Building for Sale, 83,860 Sq. Ft.
Al Barsha 2, Al Barsha
G+11 Hotel apartment Al Barsha, Price for sale: 100 Million (net ) Sacquired a unique building in Business Bay in Dubai. The building,which is planned to be a luxury hotel. The present situation, a robust and ...
1 hour ago
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Five Star Hotel Residential Building For Sale
Studio Residential Building for Sale, 215,000 Sq. Ft.
Al Barsha 3, Al Barsha
Al Barsha, Price for sale: 325 Million (net ) Sacquired a unique building in Business Bay in Dubai. The building,which is planned to be a luxury hotel. The present situation, a robust and stable economic ...
1 hour ago
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[AM-S-1558] Al Barsha - G+8 - 4 Star Hotel - Very Good Location In Al Barsha
Residential Building for Sale, 101,508 Sq. Ft.
Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha
The Property Development: 4 Star Hotel Apartment (under construction) Structure: 2 Basement + Ground/Lobby + 8 Floors No. of rooms: 102 units Beds: Studio (all studios) no. of parking: 30 spaces Status: 80% ...
2 hours ago
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[AM-S-1466] Brand New Hotel Apartment With 8.8% Returns
Residential Building for Sale, 95,000 Sq. Ft.
Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha
Brand New Hotel Apartment for sale in Al Barsha at AED 85 Million! Returns expected - 8.8 %!  Brand New Ready building Unfurnished Excellent Location!  PROPERTY FEATURES: -Metro station -Public ...
2 hours ago
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Full Building With Permission Of Hotel Apartments For Sale
Residential Building for Sale, 77,921 Sq. Ft.
Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha
Full Building With Permission Of Hotel Apartments For Sale Community Area: Al Barsha 1 Height: 2b+G+1-11+Hc Plot Area: 9,989 Sq ft Total Area: 77,921 Sqft Basements Level 1&2: Pump Room, And Total Parking Spaces ...
1 hour ago
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More About Al Barsha

      Overview of Al Barsha

      View of Al Barsha from the top
      Dubai Al Barsha is a residential development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it is a combination of many smaller sub-communities within the developments confines. Al Barsha Dubai is one of the many recently developed communities in the city and is located in West Dubai, south of the Al-Safouh development. Its boundaries include the Sheikh Zayed Road and the Emirates Road. The development is made up of not one large community but a variety of many smaller sub-communities which are as follows:

      • Al Barsha South One
      • Al Barsha South Two
      • Al Barsha South Three
      • Al Barsha First
      • Al Barsha Second
      • Al Barsha Third

      Due to the fact that Al Barsha is a recently developed residential area, the population living within the bounds of this area is still rather less when compared to other communities that have existed for many years in Dubai properties sector, but many people are showing interest in this project which shows promising prospects for the future. Al Barsha is close to famous areas in Dubai such as the Dubai Internet City, which is an enormous project. Being located near such a distinct location can be very beneficial for the marketability of the development.

      Dubai Marina is also located near Al Barsha. This man made marvel in the world has everything to attract many tourists and host them too since there is no lack of posh hotels to stay in. Al Barsha is located near Palm Jumeirah, which is a gigantic tourist attraction. Apart from the daily tourist visits many people come to visit the place to look for affordable yet posh housing. The ones who cannot afford a villa in Palm Jumeirah might choose to live in Al Barsha. For the ones who want to sit in the boundaries of budget, Al Barsha Dubai is the place to be.It is no less than the royalty of other estates in Dubai.

      The Al Barsha housing development offers a complete set of essentials of residential communities. The most famous landmarks in the vicinity are as follows.

      • The Mall of Emirates, which is a huge shopping mall spread over about 6,500,000 square feet (600,000 m2) in total. It has shops and luxury stores of all kind for all sorts of customers, and it caters to almost all needs of the residents of this project and is a very important part of the community as a whole because there is no other shopping mall of this sort in the vicinity.
      • The Dubai American Academy is a school in the vicinity which offers studies from kindergarten till high school. The school is located in the vicinity of the development thus the children and parents do not have to make long journeys to reach schools.
      • The Dubai American School is located in Al Barsha and is the only non-profit American community school in Dubai. It also offers studies from kindergarten till high school. Residents can enrol their children in this school if other schools prove to be too expensive.
      • The Dubai Autodrome is an FIA sanctioned motorsports circuit which is about 5.39 km long. The circuit hosts a variety of motorsports events and attracts a lot of audiences from near and far. The Autodrome is a place for the residents to come and enjoy, motor sports events with their families and friends and have a good time out.

      Dubai Al Barsha project is one to really look at, by potential buyers in Dubai because of its unique charm and appeal for the residents. The location is very desirable for people who want comfort in having facilities near to their own houses such as the shopping area, schools, and entertainment facilities are available in the vicinity of the development or in its outskirts.

      Community Life in Al Barsha

      Many villas in Al Barsha come with private swimming pools
      Resting in the heart of Dubai, Al Barsha is a combination of other smaller communities which form this beautiful development. When compared to other societies Al Barsha Dubai is relatively new as well. Being a part of the government’s bid to make Dubai a hub for commercial and residential customers, a lot of effort is put into beautify the area in terms of community development. Whether it was intentional or not, Al Barsha’s locality is near huge landmarks in Dubai, giving it a cutting edge to welcome people from all around the globe. The facilities offered by Al Barsha as a community are simply designed in a way to make life easier for the residents.

      Al Barsha offers its residents a fully complete package of essential facilities that one would want in a residential development. It is an ideal place for families with school going children because of the fact that many renowned institutions are in close proximity. For people looking forward to provide quality education to their children The Dubai American Academy is the place to get admission in. This school is located in Al Barsha which offers its facilities from Kindergarten till High School. This school provides the residents with high quality education for their children and a safe and bright future. Also, it provides the parents with a sense of security knowing their kids are not far off due to the fact that the school is located within the confines of Al Barsha. The Dubai American School is also located in Al Barsha and is one its kind in the vicinity. It is the only non-profit school based on American system school in Dubai.

      The community does not overlook the entertainment needs of the people. The Dubai Autodome located in Al Barsha is an F.I.A sanctioned motorsports circuit. The circuit hosts a wide range of motorsports events, attracting a large number of audiences. The Mall of Emirates is a very big shopping mall located in Al Barsha. The mall hosts a wide variety of shops. This variety of shops caters to all the needs of the customers, whether in clothes or furniture or high class brands that they want to buy.

      Residents of Al Barsha Dubai will be able to enjoy all amenities that any person would like to have in a community. From beautiful houses lined up on the streets, to eye catching parks and gardens for families and friends to come and enjoy themselves. This residential scheme promotes close community life where neighbours can have constant interaction between them and enjoy togetherness. All sorts of facilities are available in Al Barsha whether it is sports facilities, or a huge shopping area. One can go out to eat with their families and friends, or they can go out to the mall to shop till they drop.

      Apart from the restaurants, sporting facilities available in the premises, nearest landmarks add up to the value of the area. Dubai Internet City is located near this housing development and being located near such a massive project can be really helpful for Al Barsha’s marketing campaign. The list of people who would like to move here would also increase. Al Barsha is located near Palm Jumeirah, which is easily considered the 8th wonder of the world. Being an enormous tourist and a residential attraction, Palm Jumeirah helps attract a lot of people to Al Barsha as well in terms of cost effectiveness.

      Summing it up, it can be concluded that Dubai Al Barsha residential development is a great place to reside and buy a house due to the fact that its facilities are absolutely amazing and it caters to all the needs of the residents, whether it’s a shopping trip or leisure facilities or even education, this place has it all to offer and even more to watch outside its vicinity. All in all, it promotes a great way of community life.

      Cafes in Al Barsha

      Al Nassma cafe in Al Barsha Dubai
      Al Barsha is a relatively newly developed residential community that offers the best facilities and amenities for its residents so that they can enjoy a lifestyle that is fit for the elite. To complete it, the community offers a number of leisure and entertainment spots where you can rekindle your spirits and recharge your energy. Cafes and bistros are one such option where you can grab a cup of espresso or relax over a scrumptious dessert and enjoy a wholesome cup of cappuccino.

      Let’s review some of the best cafes in Al Barsha Dubai that are renowned for their unique settings, attractive offers and delectable flavour to tantalize your taste buds.

      Al Nassma

      If you are visiting Dubai Al Barsha and craving for a chocolaty brew then Al Nassma is a place to go to and quench your desire. Al Nassma offers the finest camel milk chocolate. For Arabs, camel milk is irresistible as it is rich in vitamins and minerals and has healing properties. Besides the life-giving benefits, Al Nassma chocolates are the source of luxurious pleasure as well. To complement this unique ingredient, Al Nassma compromise on nothing less than the best including a cuvee of cocoa beans, the richest acacia honey and genuine Bourbon vanilla. So if you want to enjoy a unique taste or bring home some dessert for your loved ones, don’t forget to give it a visit.

      Aspen Café

      It’s a great spot to explore modern tastes and flavours but you better not order a full course meal here. The cafe is a fine blend of art and style and so is the menu that caters to all modern tastes and flavours but keeps things on a lighter note. The menu is simple yet appealing to the visitors with a selection of seasonal salads, soups for starters, artful sandwiches and tempting desserts. In beverages, you can find a full range of drinks including fresh juices, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks and soothing coffee.

      Cafe Havana

      Your visit to Al Barsha Dubai will remain incomplete, if you do not go to Cafe Havana. Cafe Havana appeals to a diverse clientele which loves to visit it again and again. This is a perfect stop for energy boost and for everyone who is in the mood for a relaxing drink or craves for a scrumptious dessert. Cafe Havana is popular amongst regular diners who come here over and over again due to its taste and attractive offers. The menu contains pizzas, burgers, pastas and sandwiches. It can be the best choice for you, if you are looking for a place to unwind and relax yourself. Bring your kids along as it offers something for everybody.

      Cinnabon & Seattle’s Best Coffee

      Have you ever tasted finger licking good Cinnabon rolls that melt immediately in the mouth right after eating? If you are fond of these rolls then you must visit Cinnabon & Seattle’s Best Coffee as it specializes in the world famous Cinnabon rolls that are made with premium Indonesian cinnamon “Makara” and topped with a rich, cream cheese-based frosting to make it sweeter. Once you taste it, you will realize that nothing else can match its taste and freshness. Currently, there are 23 outlets of Cinnabon & Seattle’s Best Coffee throughout the UAE. Now you can realize the scale of its popularity. However, these numbers tell just half the story and for the rest you will have to go there yourself.

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